July 15, 2010

☼ Gjöll - Way Through Zero / Not To Lead Nor To Follow [February 2009 re-post] / Sum Of Transformations / Animal EP

Gjöll are two individuals, Jóhann Eiriksson (member of the musical projects 'Reptilicus' and 'Product 8') and Sigurður Harðarson (member of grindcore band Forgarður Helvitis). Gjöll's initial release should be seen as a conceptual work. The lyrics are in icelandic and tells a story of man's evolving anger. The story's musical visualization will haunt you right from the first minute. Each of the parts stand for themselves, showing the main person's mental state from depressed to aggressive and finally released. An astounding sound variety within its isolated shell, starting with pulsing sub-basses and synth layers over a driving rhythmic sequence to noise drones, ambience with high frequency sonic attacks and finally ending with a silent, melodic phrase. The vocals carrying the lyrics range from clean and quiet up to heavily distorted and filled with hatred. There aren't many other recordings left to be played after this aural struggle. To dare a comparison, it would have to be the darker ambient / industrial drone realm.

☼ Gjöll - Way Through Zero

Год: 2005
Страна: Iceland
Лейбл: Ant-zen

01. Part I (6:48)
02. Part II (7:26)
03. Part III (9:07)
04. Part IV (4:47)
05. Part V (18:38)

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☼ Gjöll - Not To Lead Nor To Follow

Год: 2007
Страна: Iceland
Лейбл: Ant-zen

01. A Declaration (6:06)
02. Dream Of Plagues (9:19)
03. A View From A Social Status (13:32)
04. Everyday's Chanting (11:24)
05. March Of The Mad Poets (8:11)
06. The Drunk Giant (5:30)

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also in FLAC:
"Way Through Zero"(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)
"Not To Lead Nor To Follow"(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)

☼ Gjöll - Sum Of Transformations

Год: 2009
Страна: Iceland
Лейбл: Ant-zen

01. Natural Anarchy (7:52)
02. Abandon All Hope (10:05)
03. The Only True Philosophical Problem (9:30)
04. Tucking In For The Collapse (9:02)
05. Dérive W/Cut-Throat Mind (8:02)
06. Unity With The Earthworms (7:56)
07. At The Hanging Of The Last Of The Career Politicians (7:04)

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☼ Gjöll - Animal EP [digital download]

Год: 2009
Страна: Iceland
Лейбл: 77industry [NetLabel]

01. Hymn For A Beast (8:42)
02. In The Stream, With Fangs (5:00)
03. The Winged Dark (11:46)

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July 06, 2010

☼ Taint - Sex Sick [November 2008 re-post]

A brutal atmosphere of perverted, disgusting, relentless, mean-spirited squealing feedback! Sick fucking noise from Texas-based power electronics producer Keith Brewer. Who needs Whitehouse? ;)

Год: 2007
Страна: USA
Лейбл: The Ajna Offensive

01. Whores Don't Come / Good Girl / John's Don't Come (14:31)
02. The New Centurion (Ultra) / Repulsed / At Your Worst (15:02)
03. Tramp / Ask For More / Low / Tricking Sick / Fuck Up (24:53)

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☼ Macronympha - Obliteration (w/Government Alpha) / Intensive Care / The Comfort Zone aka. “Slash” (w/The Grey Wolves) [December 2008 re-post]

By request...
"More like a mirror we reflect society, some things you might not ordinarily look at. A dark and perversely twisted photo-journalism. Freaks and other like-minded individuals aren't the only people who can look past "-isms" and "-ologies" to find a relevant voice. NOISE is as old as millions of years of volcanic eruption and mountain erosion. The modern industry of metal and machines added more to this mix. All we do is use everything at our disposal to record the true power that had been filling the airwaves since the beginning of time." -- Joseph Roemer (Macronympha)

☼ Macronympha / Government Alpha - Obliteration

Год: 1996
Страна: USA / Japan
Лейбл: Xerxes / Mother Savage Noise Productions

01. Macronympha: Fifty Years Ahead Is Fifty Years Behind (8:01)
02. Government Alpha: The 13th Floor (9:32)
03. Macronympha: Transform Correlation Technique (7:12)
04. Government Alpha: Mock Trial (Moderate Torture) (3:26)
05. Macronympha: Shatterbrained (6:16)
06. Government Alpha: Reduced To Ashes (9:13)
07. Macronympha: Brute Force (4:23)
08. Government Alpha: Chloroform (Cerebral Haemorrhage Mix) (7:30)
09. Macronympha: Ride The Screeching Beast (To Know Death... Be Death) (7:22)
10. Government Alpha: Missile To Hell (5:51)


☼ Macronympha - Intensive Care

Год: 1998
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Self Abuse Records

01. Fucking My Nurse In The Dark [After She Gives Me The Morphine Shot] (23:38)
02. Flesh-Eating Bacteria (23:37)
03. Polygamic Cyst (10:53)
04. Ruptured Spleen (14:05)


☼ The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - The Comfort Zone aka. “Slash”

Supposedly this is another re-release of the “Slash” MC from 1993, even though the track listing doesn't match. I don't know the story behind the differences, and I don't have a copy of the original "Slash" MC to compare it to, but this is the track listing found on the packaging of this version. It's on Trevor Ward's label, who is a founding member and one half of The Grey Wolves... so, you'd think it would be accurate. But then in 2009, Rodger Stella (of Macronympha) re-issued it with an almost identical artwork to the Sol Niger 1st edition with the other track listing.
It's very cornfusion... but maybe I've missed something. It's been known to happen. ;)

Год: 1993 (2002)
Страна: UK / USA
Лейбл: Sol Niger / Open Wound

01. Maimed For Life (1:37)
02. Assassin Of The Future (5:19)
03. Individual Powers (3:03)
04. Seeds Of Insanity (6:56)
05. Executioner Of Morality (3:59)
06. Dirt Behind The Daydream (3:35)
07. Into The Heart (3:57)
08. The Cancerous Cell (3:01)
09. Working To Erase (3:13)
10. Polluting Fresh Young Minds (3:47)
11. Lowest Options (5:46)
12. Manipulate (3:10)
13. Soul Destroying Weapon (3:37)

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☼ Macronympha - Then And Now / Close To The Edge / Priapus / Bulk Density / Mugwump Reformer Mixes [December 2008 re-post]

By request, here are even more releases of brutal power electronics noise from Macronympha.

☼ Macronympha - Then And Now

Limited to 60 pieces.

Год: 1998
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Extraction Records

01. Then (14:59)
02. Now (14:28)


☼ Macronympha - Close To The Edge

Год: 2003
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Self Abuse Records / Mother Savage Noise Productions

01. Close To The Edge (61:47)


☼ Macronympha - Priapus

Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Harshnoise

01. American Violence Part II (3:19)
02. American Violence Part IV (5:20)
03. American Violence Part III (13:54)
04. American Violence Part I (9:00)
05. Big-Cock Climax Live (22:24)


☼ Macronympha - Bulk Density

Год: 2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Harshnoise

1-01. Crossbred Strain [Sativa Dominant] (51:28)
2-01. Crossbred Strain [Indica Dominant] (51:10)


☼ Macronympha - Mugwump Reformer Mixes

Limited to 120 pieces.

Год: 2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Audio Dissection

01. MIX ONE pitch-5 (21:12)
02. MIX TWO pitch normal (17:32)
03. MIX THREE pitch-5 (21:11)
04. MIX FOUR pitch normal (17:32)
05. FRAGMENTS (2:23)


☼ Dyade - Metabol E.P. (aka. Carsten Endrass / Markant) [December 2008 re-post]

This is the first release on the Markant label, and the only collaboration effort by Carsten Endrass, the man... the myth... the legend behind all that is Markant. Chunky, clinkety, A(ph)e(x)-esque IDM for the elites.
Limited to 100 pieces.

Год: 1997
Страна: Bavaria
Лейбл: Markant

01. Untitled (5:05)
02. Untitled (5:40)
03. Untitled (5:29)
04. Untitled (6:32)
05. Untitled (5:59)
06. Untitled (5:38)

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☼ Burial Hex - Initiations [December 2008 re-post]

Horror electronics...a preparation for the final mystery of the Kali Yuga. Occult technologies collide with power electronics and blackened death industrial.

Год: 2008
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Aurora Borealis

01. Will To The Chapel (18:23)
02. 8 Pentacles (18:11)
03. River Of Los (19:00)
04. Bo -II- NE (17:56)

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☼ Lapis Niger - At The Throne Of Melek Taus [December 2008 re-post]

Lapis Niger symbolises the black diamond of Draconian Alchemy, the eternal star of Thaumiel of the Qliphotic Qabalah. Thus following a magician's inner journey, this musical expression opens up the gate to the world of Samael, averse counterpart of the Sephirah Hod in the Qabalah. "At The Throne Of Melek Taus" draws inspiration from the world of the Yezidis, the small Kurdish sect that still worships Melek Taus, the peacock god, also known as Shaitan.
Lapis Niger is a new dark magical ambient project by Tommie Eriksson, Swedish author and musician, who’s work is an expression of the Draconian Current as channelled in Dragon Rouge – Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis.
This release is a mix of dark, beautiful soundscapes with rhythmical ritual songs in the vein of Dead Can Dance, In Slaugter Natives, etc. (even a little Sleep Chamber influence here and there)

Год: 2008
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Athanor (France)

01. Al-Saharah (3:16)
02. Black Serpent Dance (6:16)
03. Mashaf Rash (2:38)
04. At The Throne Of Melek Taus Part I (6:36)
05. At The Throne Of Melek Taus Part II (3:46)
06. Sanjaq Worship (5:47)
07. Inside The Black Pearl - Lapis Niger (7:26)
08. Kitab Al-Jilwah (2:40)

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☼ Trait - Inspirationals MC

Trait was a short-lived project of Eric Lunde during the late 1980s. Originally this was an anonymous project "by members of N4300 W8752." The inside of this MC says "Personnel: Classified," although The Arbeit Group did make it clear that Eric had arranged for them to release the material. “Inspirationals” was intended to be the first of three releases by Trait, but the second and third were never recorded. Trait performed live once in 1988 at a concert arranged by The Arbeit Group. Later, Eric decided to use his real name on the insert of the re-issues.

Release Year(s): 1988
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Arbeit Group

Track Listing:
01. Several Different Arrangements For Inspiration In Battle (21:03)
02. Several Arrangements Of Side A Combined For Temporary Unified Action (23:15)

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☼ Half Makeshift - Omen [November 2008 re-post]

Nathan Michael began recording music in 2004 at the age of 18 using several different names for his creations before finally settling on Half Makeshift. The name Half Makeshift is taken from the song 'Makeshift Swahili' by This Heat and '½ The Sky' by Henry Cow.
Nathan creates his music in a sort of collage fashion, often times recording a small piece of music, perhaps only a minute long, saving it and coming back to it months later with more pieces and then linking them all together. Half Makeshift is often classified as Post-Rock, Drone, Sludge and Ambient all rolled into one.
Working as one 50+ minute track, but separated into four parts, “Omen” (beautifully mastered by James Plotkin) subtly shifts through different emotions and feelings that create a general overall mood for the entire picture; a mood that can be quite soothing and comforting, yet at the same time virulent and uneasy, and ultimately eerie and chilling. Through incredible use of melody via light guitar strums and guitar ambience, melded with waves of static bursts, ivory key tappings that create the build-up that will inevitably come in the form of massive heavy electronic drone rumblings, “Omen” is an observation within such a genre that will bring more awareness to the wonder that is (the now defunct) Half Makeshift.

Год: 2008
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Profound Lore Records

01. I (15:27)
02. II (12:12)
03. III (11:01)
04. IV (12:11)

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☼ Rukkanor - Despartica (Face One & Face Two) [January & November 2008 re-post]

Rukkanor's real name is Robert Marciniak. Rukkanor ambitiously combines the orchestral bombast of The Protagonist with the thundering rhythm of Sephiroth, and throws in middle eastern music, jazz woodwinds, and gregorian chants.

☼ Rukkanor - Despartica (Face One)

This full-length from Rukkanor (Robert Marciniak) presents the listener with desires, beliefs, dreams, emotions, experiences, beauty of life and sight of inevitable death in 19th and 20th Century poems. Unafraid to experiment and blend various musical genres together, Rukkanor creates a result that is not at all grotesque, but rather calls us on a journey somewhere far away –not necessarily a safe place, but certainly an interesting one and with a lot of surprises.
Think early Dead Can Dance with late '80s/early '90s Michael Gira (Swans) and a dash of In Slaughter Natives.

Год: 2007
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: War Office Propaganda

01. The Death Bed (4:53)
02. Beauty And Beauty (4:24)
03. I Am (4:31)
04. A Poison Tree (5:11)
05. Before The World Was Made (6:07)
06 Anthem For Doomed Youth (4:17)
07. The Divine Image - A Song Of Experience (3:51)
08. Jerusalem (4:55)
09. The Old Woman (3:30)
10. Echo (3:15)

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pw: sickness-abounds

☼ Rukkanor - Despartica (Face Two)

With the second part of "Despartica," the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry (this time in more gothic and electromantic 'musical sauce') you'll find a mixture of styles and musical ages... echoes of '70s electronics, neu-romantix from the '80s (OMD, Numan, Heaven 17, Visage, etc.), a bit of industrial, a pinch of ebm, and a touch of synth-goth. Good schtuff!
Achtung! No martial nor neo-folk songs to be found on Face Two... look above for that! ;)

Год: 2008
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: Rage In Eden Records

01. Death (4:31)
02. Leisure (3:58)
03. A Long Long Sleep A Famous Sleep (3:36)
04. Sea Fever (3:58)
05. High Flight (4:29)
06. The One Grief (4:12)
07. Mad Song (5:15)
08. Stars (3:49)
09. The Dead (4:54)
10. When You Are Old (2:21)
11. Past Present Future (3:30)

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no pw needed for this one.