June 27, 2010

☼ T.E.F. / Sickness / Facialmess - Schizoid [3-way split]

Sickness (Chris Goudreau) you already know about, (if not, see the post below this one) so here are a few words about the other two artists on this split...
T.E.F. is Kevin Novak from Sealy, Texas, and has been an active participant in Houston's noise scene for the better part of a decade. Also, a member of Black Leather Jesus.
And last, but certainly not least, Facialmess is noise musician Kenny Sanderson from Funabashi, Chiba, Japan, who's been active since 1995.

Release Year(s): 2004
Artist(s) Country: USA / Japan
Label(s): Ninth Circle Music

Track Listing:
01. T.E.F.: Contemportary Divisionist Trilogy (20:00)
└ ¹ ⁄ Cleaving The Alluvian Plains (-19:56)
└ ² ⁄ Massed Elementary Particles And Debris (-9:09)
└ ³ ⁄ Empirical Sublevel Hierarchy (-3:45)
02. Sickness: Wiring The Body (7:14)
03. Sickness: Insists On Seeing The Ghosts (13:04)
04. Sickness: Kill Kill Kill For Inner Peace (9:46)
05. Facialmess: Luck Of The Irish (10:20)
06. Facialmess: I'm Fucking Angry (1:43)
07. Facialmess: Last Night A DJ Fucked My Wife (10:12)

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