June 02, 2010

☼ Иерофания - Иерофания [September 2008 re-post]

Harsh, menacing old school industrial with militant drumming, droning analogue electronics, grinding noise, hate-filled samples and tortured vocals, characterized by low-frequency aggression suggesting the malevolence of a malignant death-march into eternal darkness.
Limited to 153 pieces.

Год: 2006
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: Ufa Muzak

01. Ritual Abstinentia (4:30)
02. Опус В Черном (10:42)
03. Детство (3:30)
04. Мобилизация [Original Version] (6:27)
05. Война - Наша Мать (10:41)
06. Кенозис [Die Liebe] (7:09)
07. Иерофания (16:59)

Скачать: HERE


nimmen said...

great, could you post more Ufa Muzak stuff?
also would be nice to get anything from

Anonymous said...

Wonderful album, the vocals are just awesome.

Anonymous said...

How do you phonetically pronounce this in English?

Detroit, MI

\m/etal\m/inx said...

in English it's: Ierophania.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

to nimmen:

i have some more Ufa Muzak (more Ryr and such) and Ultra stuff (off hand, i know i've posted the two K2 splits (w/Veprisuicida & Vetrophonia), 2nd Off The Cuff, Linija Mass, Bardoseneticcube, Nick Soudnick and Lunar Abyss Quartet, but i think it was all on the first blog. i'm reposting that stuff as i get to it, so stay tuned ;)


Anonymous said...

This album is great, hope to listen more from them. Wish I could understand the lyrics...