June 09, 2010

☼ Minister Of Noise - Hell In Heaven

His disruptive majesty and dub sorcerer Sir Freddie Viadukt (Gerry Kenny), The Minister Of Noise, has been astounding us with his very own brand of dub disease for a very long time. Extreme in his approach, coming in from an angle you didn’t know existed, blind to compromise yet with heaven in his eyes, he wipes the floor with all forms of purism. A psycho dub monster the minister with 3+ decades of music making and producing, Sir Freddie has never stopped moving into the future.

Release Year(s): 1990
Artist(s) Country: UK
Label(s): Peaceville Records

01. Hell In Heaven (5:30)
02. Shopping Precinct (5:09)
03. Siamese Twins (5:52)
04. Dread My Soul [Glass Opium mix] (5:07)
05. Zone Drone (9:53)
06. Black Hole (3:20)
07. You Can Groove In The Stink (5:13)
08. Swamphouse (5:13)
09. Bless This Bass (7:08)
10. Alive (5:08)

Скачать [w/scans]: 320K (RS) -or- FLAC (MEGA↑)


Marko-V said...

Minister of Noise & Prophesy of Doom posts? Hell yes, I feel like 22 years old again. Another dose of bands I almost forgot they ever existed.

pit7791 said...

Thank you very much for that album. At least I found it.