June 25, 2010

☼ Manifesto - Barren Video [AVI]

Manifesto is Magnus Zetterberg, born 1981 in Uppsala Sweden. He studied sound engineering at university, earning a bachelor of arts degree in sound and music production. Musically active for about a decade using various monikers of which Manifesto has been the primary one for the past 7 years. Of the many notable releases from Manifesto, the one that has ties with this post is the fan-friggin-tastic “Core” album released on Plague Recordings in 2008. That release featured guest trumpet player and jazz musician Alex van Heerden, who can also be heard on “Barren.” Tragically, Alex died in a car accident in 2009. (RIP)
Although the majority of his musical career is firmly entrenched in dark ambient and industrial music, Magnus did spend a short time within the confines of black metal in the late '90s with the band Fucking Funeral. (fans of Armagedda, Watain, & Dissection should take note.)
The video we have for you here is comprised of the background video used at two Manifesto live shows, and the audio of the material from one rehearsal. This material was performed for the first time at the Plague Recordings showcase arranged by )Toon) at the Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, Netherlands in October 2009, and for the second time at Brus - Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden in February 2010.
This material is made available to you by Plague Recordings.
A different rehearsal of the same material was released on CD-R exclusively for the show in the Netherlands. (and there are still a few copies for sale directly from the artist!)

Track Listing:
01. Desolate | Barren | Epitaph (31:10)

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M. Zetterberg said...

my sincere thanks for your help with this. /Manifesto

\m/etal\m/inx said...

you are VERY welcome! it's really fantastic music, so it's my pleasure :)
btw, any chance i could hear your black metal stuff? the FF demo via mp3 perchance? ;)