June 01, 2010

☼ Majdanek Waltz / Sal Solaris - Небо Рейха / Небо Над Берлином [August 2008 re-post]

The theme of this release is of the senselessness confrontation between two soldier brothers. The music shows the separation of the two both stylistically and ideologically. The Majdanek Waltz tracks offer neo-folk military-industrial, while the Sal Solaris tracks are dark ambient harsh industrial. There is also a music video from Sal Solaris which was created using archival videos from 1939-40s.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2008
Страна: Россия
Лейбл: KultFront

01. Majdanek Waltz: Демократия (3:10)
02. Majdanek Waltz: Небо Рейха (4:03)
03. Majdanek Waltz: Мы (3:58)
04. Majdanek Waltz: Город (4:34)
05. Sal Solaris: Небо Над Берлином (6:47)
06. Sal Solaris: Трепет (4:50)
07. Sal Solaris: Ожидание [В Опасности] (4:49)
08. Sal Solaris: Старт (6:54)
09. Sal Solaris: Небо Над Берлином [video] (7:09)

Скачать Audio: 320K HERE
Скачать Video: AVI HERE

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