June 01, 2010

☼ Lydia Lunch · Rowland S. Howard - Shotgun Wedding & Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 1993 [August 2008 re-post]

This album is a collaboration between Lydia Lunch and guitarist Rowland S. Howard. While it is not as sonically diverse and experimental as Lunch's body of work from the '80s, it still is a very good collection of songs. Musical influences for this collaborative effort seem to be drawn from '90s grunge (fuck, i hate that word 'grunge') and '70s punk and rock, as well as 'goth-rock.' Some songs sound like a darker version of Hole, (although these songs are actually GOOD, and with much more intricate song writing, and thankfully without that pathetic, sorry excuse, disgusting, foul, putrid, waste of space: Courtney "schwein-hund" Love) while songs like "Solar Hex" and "What Is Memory" are reminiscent of early post-punk, specifically recalling the sound of Christian Death's "Only Theatre of Pain" album. Also thrown in is an incredibly well-done light bluesy version of Led Zeppelin's "In My Time of Dying." These songs are all quite dark, being consistent throughout, in both sound and quality. It sort of bridges the gap between goth, '70s rock, and '90s grunge. (:cringe:, there's that word again)
Along with the "Shotgun Wedding" album, this re-issue contains a live album (previously unreleased in North America) that was recorded at Amsterdam's Paradiso Club in 1993. Personnel: Lydia Lunch (vocals); Rowland S. Howard, Link "Wreckage" Benka (guitar); Brent Newman (piano, drums, tambourine); Joe Drake, Harry Howard (bass); James Sclavunos (drums). Recorded at Easley Studios, Memphis, Tennessee in May 1991 and live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1993.

Год: 1991 / 1993 (1999)
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Triple X Records / Atavistic Records

〜 Original '1991' Album 〜
01. Burning Skulls (6:20)
02. In My Time Of Dying [Led Zeppelin cover] (4:59)
03. Solar Hex (3:37)
04. Endless Fall (3:50)
05. What Is Memory (5:30)
06. Pigeon Town (4:58)
07. Cisco Sunset (5:47)
08. Incubator (5:29)
09. Black Juju (9:20)
〜 Bonus 'Live' Album 〜
01. In My Time Of Dying (5:38)
02. Pigeon Town (4:39)
03. Solar Hex (3:23)
04. What Is Memory (5:11)
05. Cisco Sunset (5:38)
06. Still Burning (5:10)
07. Incubator (5:18)
08. Burning Souls (6:53)
09. Gospel Singer [featuring Kim Gordon] (3:31)
10. Black Juju (12:19)

Скачать 224K: ORIG.HERE
Скачать 192K: LIVE HERE

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