June 21, 2010

☼ LS-TTL - (el·es·tee·tee·el)

LS-TTL is a very sparse, minimalistic ambient project by Brian Coffee. Combining elements of computer science and studies into the realms of Tao and Zen, unique elements spring forth from this artist's strange fusion of the Yin and the Yang. Imagine lying on a cot in the back of a factory at night with your eyes closed and machinery running itself during the graveyard shift. There's no obvious direction to where the sounds take you, but you can't deny they have an effect on you in some manner. As with most dark ambient soundscape projects, you pretty much know if you're in that target audience, so "(el·es·tee·tee·el)" is very recommended for those who are.

Release Year(s): 2000
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Dragon Flight Recordings

Track Listing:
01. Drktual (7:08)
02. Apoc (7:42)
03. Telek (7:24)
04. Eraf (7:45)
05. Tro (8:29)
06. Orc (6:17)
07. Calmix (4:17)
08. Ameshc (10:24)
09. Untitled (9:28)

Скачать [w/scans]: VBR(RS) -or- FLAC(MEGA↑)


Plague Recordings said...

good to see it here. bought it when it came out. never seen it again. peace out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. One of the most stunning and authentic dark ambient albums I've ever picked up.