June 20, 2010

☼ Lilith's Son - Self-Induced Taenia Saginata

Some of you might know the story of Lilith...? Supposedly, she's Adam's first wife before Eve. What you do not know is that Lilith had a son... born in Argentina, who, out of sheer boredom, decided to make music. His mother saw this as a great opportunity! On her advice, the child chose sounds that give man a taste of the torments of Hell!
Gr Mateo started playing guitar in 1985 for a local hardcore punk band. As interest in electronic music grew stronger, (referencing Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk among his first vinyl purchases of electronic music) he experimented with deformed Casiotones and drum machines, distorting and collapsing the sounds. Fascinated by artists such as Controlled Bleeding, Merzbow, Masonna, etc., and the European noise movement, Mateo found a strange 'peacefulness' within these aggressive sounds. That 'fascination' led to the development of Lilith's Son.
Saturating layers of writhing frequencies, Lilith's Son pummels the senses, (somewhere between Brighter Death Now and Merzbow) like a jackhammer head-massage. Avoiding the trap of extreme saturation, "Self-Induced Taenia Saginata" is never in danger of being too linear, as is often the case in the genre. You can follow all of the tracks without asphyxia or boredom setting in. Aggressive and uncompromising, the organic components have an intensity that shows itself to be 'joyful' noise, which can also be a design element if you know how to tame and use it.

Release Year(s): 2002
Artist(s) Country: Argentina
Label(s): Harshnoise

Track Listing:
01. My Own Victim (5:46 )
02. Coitus Interruptus (2:22)
03. Non-Pulsating Errors (4:30)
04. Surrender To Your Needs (6:17)
05. Slow-Motion Assassin (4:31)
06. Trip/Trap Trance (5:09)
07. Vectors/Alpha 9 (5:24)
08. Vegetarian Extasis (4:47)
09. What A Hit! (5:05)
10. Absolute Negative (1:04)
11. You Think You Need That (5:21)
12. Are You OK? (6:33)
13. I Also Remember That Day (6:50)
14. It Hurts You Baby (5:36)

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Richard said...

oh yeah, so we know that lilith came from the moon and lives at the bottom of a pyramid, angels come from other dimensions to try to fuck her but they have to fight shinji and rei and asuka first but SEELE has different plans and lilith's son i think is named kaworu and got crushed by unit 01 except he's back after the universe has reset itself? super thanks for this album and the best blog of all time ms minx, the internet does not deserve to exist without it

Anonymous said...

Hello, GrM here!!
thanxs for uploading this!!!!!
i will share the link!
I´m coming back to Noise near soon with a release only in TAPE!!!!


you can contact me there.