June 02, 2010

☼ Iron Curtain - Desertion 1982-1988 [September 2008 re-post]

Iron Curtain was a goth-tinged minimal-wave band from Santa Barbara, CA, who played regularly in the Los Angeles underground music scene. They were heavily influenced by The Cure, OMD, Joy Division, and Kraftwerk. The band released several records in small quantities even though they had a great fan base, and hence over the years these releases have gained mass cult appeal which has driven the prices of used copies up into the thousands. Featured on this release is the cult classic "The Condos," the goth-club-friendly track "Tarantula Scream," and the much-sought-after track "Legalize Heroin" which has a stark resemblance to My Bloody Valentine.

Год: 1982-1988
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Iron Curtain Records / Zarlon Records, Pylon Records

01. Tarantula Scream (4:21)
02. First Punk Wars (6:38)
03. The Condos (4:46)
04. Love Can Never Die (5:14)
05. Shadow (5:41)
06. The Burning (5:02)
07. Terror Story (3:26)
08. Anorexia (5:26)
09. Like a Family (4:28)
10. Telephone (4:16)
11. Steven Fields: Legalize Heroin (5:07)
12. The Condos [Live at Baudelaire's 3/1/1982] (4:53)

Скачать: HERE

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kosa said...

Great album. Love the lyrics to Anorexia.