June 07, 2010

☼ Gastunk - Early Singles

Infamous Japanese hardcore punk/metal band ガスタンク who formed in the mid '80s by ex- The Execute, The Comes and Dead Cops. They released many singles, EP's, and the successful full-lengths, "Dead Song" and "Under The Sun," which showed the band's own vision of blending obscure Japanese crooning, hardcore punk, with thrash metal and even classic rock hooks. Unfortunately, shortly after their 3rd album "Mother" was released in 1988, the band's popularity waned not only in the U.S., where interest died as fast as it was gained, but in Japan as well. Instead of forging ahead with their own unique genre twisting style, pressures to fit in with the hugely popular Glam Rock / Visual Kei scene at the time in Japan (with bands like X Japan) or trying to compete in the U.S. with the likes of Poison, Guns'n'Roses, etc..., they completely alienated their original fan base, and soon broke up.
During those 'disbanded' years, there were limited reunion shows, commemorative albums, and plenty of great DVD releases of the old days.
Today, the band has reformed, and on 2010.6.9発売 they will be issuing a new 3-track CDEP called "Deadman's Face" and continuing on with a 2010 'Rise Again' Tour!
(and just a note to those who it matters to, this is the original Love Records release from 1990 (GT-005) not the 2002 re-issue. not like it really matters, tho. my scanner broke before i could scan it. sorry!)

Release Year(s): 1983-1986 (1990)
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): Love Records

01. Mr. Gazime (4:09)
02. In The Fire (3:31)
03. The Birth Of Stars (4:12)
04. Geronimo (3:28)
05. Red Indian's Rock (5:13)
06. The Vanishing Signs (6:31)
07. In Exchange For Your Mind [懺悔] (5:20)
08. A Holy Land (3:40)
09. Endless Waltz (2:31)
10. Devil (1:54)
11. SEX (2:50)
12. Farstest Dream (7:05)
13. In The Fire (3:34)
14. Dead Song [Rock'n F version] (5:21)

Скачать: 320K (RS) -or- FLAC (MEGA↑)

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