June 01, 2010

☼ Decadence - A Beheaded Winner And Fragrances Of Happiness [July 2008 re-post]

This release features female vocals (mostly spoken recitals) amidst an aural tapestry of modern and traditional sounds including piano, horn, acoustic guitars, synths, trickling water, and last but not least - authentic chinchilla screams recorded live in a slaughterhouse. As a result, the tracks vary with acoustic, classical and martial meandering, serving as a backdrop for excerpts from the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche and Fyodor Dostoevski. "I'm a Disciple of God" waxes on the philosophy of the "great and mighty one" as the ultimate embodiment of the union of opposites, the ONE and only parent of the universe (check out the recordings of Boyd Rice/Non for further elaboration) while "Suicidal" sounds like a female Death In June with its horn arrangements. Interesting.

Год: 1998
Страна: Greece
Лейбл: CAPP

01. Rimus Remedium (8:50)
02. Just For Tonight (3:10)
03. Suicidal (4:52)
04. Mercury Land (3:19)
05. Life Is A Cavity, But Love? (4:15)
06. Notes From Underground And Beyond (3:31)
07. I'm A Disciple Of God (4:06)
08. The Story Of The Story Of Death Part 2 (7:34)

Скачать: HERE

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