June 20, 2010

☼ Clint Listing / Noir Magnetik - Two Worlds Collide

The long awaited split from both members of As All Die... Clint Listing and Aries DiLascio (Noir Magnetik). Post industrial sounds, encompassing noise and experimental elements, meets ol'skool UK/DE industrial thought, to create cinematic ritual soundscapes.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2008
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Absolute Zero Media

Track Listing:
01. Clint Listing: Under The Frozen Moon Of Tomorrow (6:19)
02. Clint Listing: Twilight [Reprise] (4:17)
03. Clint Listing: As The Sun Sets The World Heals Again (13:10)
04. Noir Magnetik: Transmission ‘68 (1:08)
05. Noir Magnetik: Abandoned Hope (3:30)
06. Noir Magnetik: The Calling (2:02)
07. Noir Magnetik: Kum Kali Kum (4:34)
08. Noir Magnetik: Black Voodoo [remix] (4:53)
09. Noir Magnetik: End Of The Modern Age (7:23)
10. Noir Magnetik: Nightfall (1:33)

Скачать [w/scans]: VBR(RS) -or- FLAC(MEGA↑)


Anonymous said...

"long-awaited?" Really? By whom?

I got the impression very few cared about As All Die... pretty run-of-the-mill shite, really... not very original...

╬ §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ ╬ said...

i think that's just label PR jargon.