June 28, 2010

☼ Box Of Fish - Invented Grunge 1984 (A Retrospective) [November 2008 re-post]

After listening to Box Of Fish even Nick Cave seems mainstream ;) Sloppy, messy, grinding goth-punk, with ranting-screeching vokillz and rough-as-guts production. The guitar buzz blanketing every track is mean and sleazy, and the big dry bass riffs are simple and vampish. Imagine Joy Division fronted by David Yow... or Henry Rollins singing for The Stooges while simultaneously swallowing a meat skewer... or... or... or... ok, so I'm fresh out of OR's, but you should get the idea by now. This is a great collection of album tracks, demo tracks and a few live bits'n'pieces of rackety-tat-tat, arty, disjointed, sometimes chemically enhanced raw punk rock. As a document in itself, this release is interesting as a counterpoint to those who would still try and argue that all early '80s Sydney bands were in thrall to the Birdman legacy. While BoF played with bands such as the Wet Taxis, Died Pretty, and the Hoodoo Gurus, they were never part of anything that could be considered a 'scene.' They never recorded for Citadel or Waterfront, and Rob Younger never produced any of their music. Despite this degree of outsider status, they toured interstate, released a single, an album and several compilation tracks, and even got their name on the front page of Juke twice. Ol'skool no-wave from down under. Fits in nicely with The Birthday Party, The Scientists, Scratch Acid, etc.

Год: 1983-1985 (2006)
Страна: Australia
Лейбл: Fish Records

01. What Are Mans Fears (3:55)
02. Rebecca (6:31)
03. Nations (4:26)
04. Bladder Dagger (4:27)
05. Purple Haze (3:55)
06. Abo Joe (5:13)
07. Insanity Battles (5:00)
08. Sex Cat Killer (3:23)
09. Erosion (3:12)
10. The Good The Bad And The Ugly (2:46)
11. Our Father (3:16)
12. Take Pity With Our City (3:31)
13. Car Smash (3:19)
14. Ho Ha Yeah (0:58)
15. Deadman [Live] (3:45)
16. Mission In Life [Live] (4:54)
17. Recital [Live] (4:10)
18. Sex Bomb Baby [Live] (2:16)
19. Black Life [Live] (3:24)


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