June 03, 2010

☼ Aodl - Hard Cobble Abdomen LP

"Absolute savagery beyond repair. Aodl emerges from the high ceilings of Salt Lake City...a surreal electronic cacophony of self deprecating and sadistic noise electronics for anti-social art perverts...
Aodl rules!"
〜 Dominick Fernow (Prurient)
Limited to 200 pieces.

Release Year
(s): 2009
Artist(s) Country: USA
(s): Red Light Sound

01. What I Could Do To You In The Fog / Optimism Rock Like A Hard Face (17:58)
02. Semen Hour Suite [1. Music For Drill And Sofa; 2. Worm Agony; 3. Superior Belmont And Her Udder Butter] (22:00)

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Anonymous said...


could you PLEASE repost GJOLL releases?

thanks in advance!

great work btw!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't like this one.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

to: anonymous #1 -- thanks for the kind words! i'll try to Gjoll back up but it won't be for a little while yet. sorry.

to: anonymous #2 -- i agree.

Anonymous said...

i'll be waiting for it, though ;)

all the best

x+x [aka anonymous #1]