June 02, 2010

☼ Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs - First Tape / Live MC [September 2008 re-post]

Here's some of the earliest material from Dirk Ivens (Dive, Absolute Body Control, Blok 57, Klinik), Eric Van Wonterghem (Absolute Body Control, Insekt, Klinik, Sonar, Monolith), Marc Verhaeghen (X10, D-Sign, Klinik, Noise Unit, Para) and Sandy Nijs (Klinik, Hybryds, Maniacs) playing together as Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs.

Год: 1984-1985
Страна: Belgium
Лейбл: 3RIO

〜 First Tape MC 〜
01. Sick In Your Mind / Rozenberg's Dead / Walking With Shadows / Go Back (15:15)
02. NYMPF (2:31)
03. Rozenberg's Dead (3:42)
04. The Hate Of Religion (3:59)
〜 Live MC 〜
01. Decay / NYMPF 1 / Braindamage / Torture / Sick In Your Mind / Ronald Reagan / So Hard / Bikini Atol / Power Of Passion (27:02)
02. Let The Bomb Go / Vietnam / Rozenberg's Dead / Target / Burning Inside / Hours & Hours (19:26)

Live MC culls material from 3 separate shows:
Xenon (Aarschot, Belgium), 10.03.1985
Hulen (Bergen, Norway), 17.03.1985
USF-Fabrikken (Bergen, Norway), 14.03.1985

Скачать: HERE

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Rayman said...

funny to see my old rip is still roaming the net (sadly no one else had a better copy)

i should add that this one is made from 2 tapes i got + 2 tracks (03 and 04)that i recorded from a local radio: 03 i think was finally 'song for the Rosenbergs' from Sandy Nys / Hybryds / Magthea (and a similar version has appeared on "Flanders' Tape-Ology" and (a remastered / remixed version)on "1654 The Cave II", at the time i had to guess where it was from and exactle from who it was.... "the hate of religion" is just the version from the rare Mark Lane (+ The Klinik) single