May 27, 2010

☼ Wappenbund - Schlacht: The Final Chapter / Blood & Fire [May 2008 re-post]

Martial industrial project founded by German musician Sven Bussler in March 1999. Wappenbund is the musical continuation of his previous project Ophir, and often includes collaborations with various other artists. Wappenbund plays a harsh epic music of bombastic martial drumming and neo-classical melodies, often accompanied by Sven's distorted vocals. The first material was a self-released cassette in 1999 entitled "Schlacht" and in 2000 came the EP "Blood And Fire" which was originally released and marked the founding of Bussler's label Greyland Records.
This is a remastered re-release that combines the first MC and EP together.

Год: 2007
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Greyland Records

“Schlacht :: The Final Chapter”
01. Wappenmarsch (4:34)
02. Siege (4:53)
03. Schlachtgesänge (2:54)
04. Andacht II (5:32)
05. Kraft Durch Willen (6:39)
06. Wir Ziehen In Die Schlacht (4:34)
“Blood & Fire”
07. Ruins (6:46)
08. Blood & Fire (4:12)
09. Neues Leben (4:17)
10. Victim (3:12)
11. End Of Storm (2:24)

Скачать 320K: HERE (MEGA↑)


Anonymous said...

I would be ever so chuffed if you continued to provide rapidshare links as well. They're easy to pay for because of their third parties. I have extenuating circumstances that make a megaupload account very difficult to pay for, despite trying and I wouldn't want to miss out on the great music.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

well, you aren't going to like my reply one bit, but it's not MY choice or doing... it's all RS.

i can't upload any NEW files to RS because they have changed their Premium Account Storage Policy overnight.

when i try to upload now, i get this message:

Your Premium Account has reached its limits. Too many files or storage limit reached.
To deposit further files, you first need to delete other files. Of course you also have the option to purchase an additional Premium Account and thereby avoid having to delete files.

i used to have over 2,500 files uploaded to my RS Premium account, but they randomly deleted 700 files, so now i have only 1800 files.

i will NOT be uploading any new files to RS. as far as i'm concerned, they can go fuck themselves. i will be using MEGAUPLOAD, as they are the only dump-site left that hardly ever delete files. (next to iFolder) i might look into 4share and Mediafire, but i don't know their deleting policies.

i will probably make an announcement on the main page of the blog soon.



Anonymous said...

in my personal [and unrequested]opinion megaupload is far better than RS. i'd keep with MU or Mediafire.

btw thanks a lot for your time sharing! :)


scarfish69 said...

Both MU and MF have free accounts. I'm not sure about Megaupload but there doesn't seem to be any dl limit with the Mediafire free account. As far as their other policies, dunno. Just my 2 cents. That's just greedy what RS did, so yeah, let them go fuck themselves.