May 17, 2010

☼ Variable Messiah - The Third Cell [March 2008 re-post]

If you've never heard of 'Visual Kei,' then skip this post and move on, because you won't be interested in this. Don't even try it, because you'll just scratch your head and think, "what the fuck!?" -- and even if you might like it, this is not the band to start with. But, if you are familiar with this type of music, and you've not heard of Variable Messiah, then you might be interested in checking them out. Variable Messiah was formed by members of Sarcazm and Tocica. In 2003, VM broke up, and members have gone on to other bands: 音鬼, Burning Fire, 七三式, and Suicide Ali. Muscially they sorta sound like a combination of early Dir en grey and Marilyn Manson, while the vokillz sound like a fusion of Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe) and Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) crooning in Japanese ;)

Год: 2001
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Indie

01. Intro (1:07)
02. スズメバチ [Remix] (3:28)
03. Mechanical Stranger (3:49)
04. 劣悪遺伝子 (4:25)

Скачать: HERE

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