May 26, 2010

☼ Terror Against Terror - Psychological Warfare Technology Systems [May 2008 re-post]

By request...
This is another EBM-industrial side-project from Brian Lustmord and Andrew Lagowski. Conceived and produced as an exercise in sound and rhythm, and as an alternative evolution of ideas explored on the first Lustmord album. Unfortunately, although recorded in 1989, due to the two record labels that initially planned to release the album having to cancel due to financial problems, it didn't see release until 1992, by which time the ideas and techniques incorporated where, in many ways, out of date. Some of the ideas where also incorporated into TGT.
The track "Destroidmonster" is an alternative version of "Beast Of Burden Beast Of Prey" from the first Lustmord album.

Год: 1989 (1992)
Страна: USA / UK
Лейбл: Paragoric

01. By Any Means Necessary (8:14)
02. The Only Good God Is A Dead God (5:24)
03. Tactical Intervention (2:28)
04. Psychological Warfare (6:24)
05. Stalker [MKUltra mix] (7:55)
06. Hunter Killer (6:40)
07. Destroidmonster (6:18)
08. Biohazard (6:37)
09. Mutually Assured Destruction (4:40)
10. By Any Means Necessary [Pop Shit mix] (8:25)

Скачать: HERE

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