May 23, 2010

☼ Sutcliffe Jügend - Campaign / Ramleh + Libertarian Recordings - A Return To Slavery - Slaughter At Random [April 2008 re-post]

Here's another 'sick-pak' for the noise fiends! No introduction needed for these :)
Well, maybe Libertarian Recordings... who is just Philip Best.

Год: 1982 / 1983
Страна: UK
Лейбл: ComeOrg. / Broken Flag

☼ Sutcliffe Jügend - Campaign MC

01. Right To Kill I (3:29)
02. Weapon Power (4:03)
03. Campaign (4:10)
04. Human Vivisection (2:37)
05. Untitled (1:39)
06. King Ian (4:49)
07. Wombaphilia (2:31)
08. Pleasure Corpse (3:28)
09. Right To Kill II (9:36)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Ramleh / Libertarian Recordings - A Return To Slavery / Slaughter At Random LP

01. Ramleh: A Return To Slavery (4:47)
02. Ramleh: Nordhausen (4:48)
03. Ramleh: New Force (3:56)
04. Ramleh: Phenol (8:12)
05. Libertarian Recordings: Slaughter At Random (23:16)

Скачать: BOTH HERE


Josh said...

First off, fantastic blog. I've been a long time following of Sickness abounds, and it's one of my favorite blogs out there. I have a small question.

On the previous incarnation of Sickness Abounds, you had posted Ramleh's Works III. I have managed to track down the trails of those old links (part I:, part II: but unfortunately, while part 2 is still working, part 1 is offline.

IS there any chance on getting a reupload of this? Also, is there any other rare Ramleh stuff you would be willing to put up (such as Too Many Miles and Awake! if you have them)?

Either way, a huge thank you in advance, and another thanks for the blog in general.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Following on from the comments above, great blog indeed. Just a cheeky little request if I may, any chance of a re-up of Ramleh "Awake!" 6xMC from the first blog?
Pretty please :)