May 22, 2010

☼ Ringtailed Snorter - Revealing Obstacles [April 2008 re-post]

Ringtailed Snorter was a solo-project by André Schemchta (aka. Sevren Ni-Arb of X-Marks the Pedwalk) that began in 1992, and ended in 1993.
Ringtailed Snorter differs from XMTP in its use of clean structures and minimal soundscapes to leave more [space in] the minds of the audience, while very thick and heavy bass-lines, swirling synths, and militant beats converge creating a classic (under-appreciated) EBM release.

Год: 1992
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Zoth Ommog

01. A Kind of Loss (4:28)
02. Mirror (3:14)
03. Window I (2:54)
04. No Chances (5:14)
05. Influence (5:02)
06. Motivation (3:59)
07. Window II (4:47)
08. Longing For Shelter (4:34)
09. A Kind of Loss [remix] (4:56)

Скачать: HERE


bcordone said...

You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw that you had returned. It was a sad day when sickness abounds was no longer amoung us. Your blog is wonderful, imaginative, interesting and awesome. thanks for the great choices and sharing.......welcome back!!
red lipstick

SpiteSmite said...

Your blog is rad. I have loved it for years, and was pleased as punch to see it rise from the ashes. This Ringtailed Snorter lp was the 1st thing I ever got from your blog (when it was originally posted), and it is one of my favorite albums now. Except that I no longer have a copy of it - any chance that it could be re-uploaded? I can't find it anywhere, even to buy . . . .