May 17, 2010

☼ The Misogynist - Songs For Women MC / Live Action #25 MC [March 2008 re-post]

WB specifically told me he doesn't give a shit about posting the live material, so here you go.
The only reason these two are put together in one post is because they fit in one file. Hope you don't mind.

☼ Live Action #25 MC

Live 4 Oct. 1983, Paris with a short audio interview with Phillip Best... classic!

Год: 1983
Страна: UK

01. Rapemaster (3:43)
02. In the Face (1:40)
03. Anal American (4:32)
04. I'm Coming Up Your Ass (2:43)
05. Queen Myra (3:06)
06. From Hell (2:01)
07. Right to Kill (3:37)
08. New Sadist (3:13)
09. Phillip Best Interview on French Radio (3:39)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ The Misogynist - Songs For Women MC

The Misogynist is a brutal, dark, relentless one-off release by Paul Taylor (Sutcliffe Jügend) -- Paul: It was just an expression of myself at the time, I had no input in the cover and think it would be more apt for a death metal gore band. Anyway yes, I recorded a solo project, it was also after 'Cold River Songs.' I hated the recording sessions for that album. Being with the band, I felt repressed. I therefore immersed myself into the self indulgence of "Songs For Women" -- it was very much a personal expression of what was going on in my life at the time, it related to a very specific incident in my life, so no, I am not a woman hater.
Limited to 123 pieces.

Год: 1996
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Sadisque

01. Foreplay (12:05)
02. Take It As It Comes (3:26)
03. Endurance 4:39)
04. Cry For Help pt.1 (3:28)
05. Cry For Help pt.2 (1:37)
06. Cry For Help pt.3 (3:59)
07. Your End pt.1 (4:29)
08. Your End pt.2 (7:56)

Скачать: BOTH

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