May 21, 2010

☼ Legion Condor - Humanity vs. Society / Radio Kuolema - 10050 Cielo Drive [April 2008 re-post]

Here's a 2-artist sick pak for power electronics / dark ambient-noise freaks!

: 2003 / 2006
Страна: Germany / Italy
Лейбл: God Is Myth Records

☼ Legion Condor - Humanity vs. Society 7''

Massive power noise industrial with good vocals.
Limited to 300 pieces.

01. Humanity vs. Society (5:53)
02. The Order Of Violence (6:39)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Radio Kuolema - 10050 Cielo Drive

With closed eyes Radio Kuolema attempts a real documentary, where the tragic events linked to the Manson "family" offer the black humus on which the music ideally sticks the obsessions of homicide mysticism which marked out an enduring trail of blood in the american collective unconscious. "10050 Cielo Drive" is the sound, the image, the memory. In these atmospheres the innocence and the frenzy of a world already on the edge of the abyss find shelter: an abyss where the children stare silent at whole cities devoured by flames, while they are still holding tight long knives in their hands. Limited to 545 pieces.

August 9, 1969 (3:28)
The March Of The Dancing Corpses (3:54)
Walking Down The Sunset (4:32)
Will You Die For Me? (8:58)
All Good Children [Go To Heaven?] (3:24)
Death Valley (4:35)
66.6 FM (12:48)
Hollyweird (2:10)

Скачать: BOTH HERE

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