May 27, 2010

☼ Hive Mind - Eldritch Breath/Transparent Numbing/Forgotten Thirst/Forgotten Thrist (+Aaron Dilloway)/Untitled (+Religious Knives) [May 2008 re-post]

Hive Mind has both blessed and cursed us with dozens of musical communications in almost every imaginable format. Pushing the limits of analog media and revealing the coldness inherent in the digital, the most striking aspects of these releases is how they are so easily conceivable as infinite.

Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Chondritic Sound / Tone Filth / Gods Of Tundra

☼ Hive Mind - Eldritch Breath

Only available with the first 50 pieces of "Death Tone."

01. Eldritch Breath (16:03)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Hive Mind - Transparent Numbing

1st edition was limited to 44 pieces, 2nd edition was limited to 50 pieces.

01. Untitled (9:38)
02. Untitled (9:49)

Скачать: BOTH HERE (MEGA↑)

☼ Hive Mind - Forgotten Thirst

Limited to 30 pieces.

01. Untitled (14:55)
02. Untitled (14:40)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Aaron Dilloway + Hive Mind - Forgotten Thrist

Features original source material lifted from Hive Mind's "Forgotten Thirst" MC (Gods Of Tundra) remixed with a whole bucketload of new grit by Dilloway on top of a mountain somewhere in Nepal, March 2005. Misspelled title in tribute to Dilloway's old band Universal Indians. Limited to 134 pieces.

01. Forgotten Thrist (14:50)

Скачать: BOTH HERE (MEGA↑)

☼ Hive Mind + Religious Knives -Untitled

Both tracks recorded live 12/31/2004. Limited to 80 pieces.

01. Behind The Green Door (26:37)
02. First Bowl Of Oh-Five (17:59)

Скачать: HERE (MEGA↑)

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