May 26, 2010

☼ Hive Mind - Alabaster Catacombs / Sea-Level Transmission / Night Maintenance / Hototogisu - Split [May 2008 re-post]

Hive Mind is a crouching shadow, blind and incapable of normal human communication - the sounds unleashed are like an army of deaf and dumb synthesizers, stumbling in glue fumes and eventually revealing their position in a terrifying free-fall into the bottomless pit of humanity.
Luasa Raelon (David Reed) moves at a glacial pace, with deep, cavernous rumbling and sharp digital cuts and grisly electrical hums with bursts of dark melody and harsh noise intermittently throughout. For fans of hard drone, dark ambient, and subtle harsh noise. Please be sure to support his efforts, and check out David's websites:
for more info and more excellent music!

Год: 2005 / 2007
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Snip-Snip Records / Chondritic Sound / Not Not Fun Records

☼ Hive Mind + Luasa Raelon - Alabaster Catacombs

01. Alabaster Catacombs (19:36)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Hive Mind + Luasa Raelon - Sea-Level Transmission

This release was only available with the first 50 pieces of "Night Maintenance."

01. Sea-Level Transmission (20:53)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Hototogisu / Hive Mind - Split 7''

Limited to 500 pieces.

01. Hototogisu: Full Prince Charles (6:09)
02. Hive Mind: Collapsed Shroud (5:20)

Скачать: ALL 3 HERE (MEGA↑)

☼ Hive Mind / Luasa Raelon - Night Maintenance

Limited to 1,000 pieces, with the first 50 included with "Sea-Level Transmission."

01. Hive Mind: The Marble Orchard (19:56)
02. Luasa Raelon: Gateway To Despair (9:33)
03. Luasa Raelon: Devouring The Light (7:24)
04. Luasa Raelon: Twilight Of The Gods (6:19)
05. Luasa Raelon: Sand Beasts (10:29)
06. Luasa Raelon & Hive Mind: Night Maintenance (17:29)

Скачать: HERE (MEGA↑)

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