May 17, 2010

☼ Gaë Bolg - Aucassin Et Nicolette [March 2008 re-post]

Gaë Bolg is the project of L'Orchestre Noir / Sol Invictus trumpet player, Eric Roger. Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand is a bizarre ensemble of goliardic medieval music, orchestral epics, drunk ballads and fairy tales, full of irony and sarcasm. All the music is electronically reproduced with keyboards and samples.
For those not steeped in Celtic mythology, Gaë Bolg was the foot-launched, belly-ripping, barbed spear given to the hero, Cuchulain, whilst Fand was wife to the seagod, Manannan, and one of Cuchulain's lovers.

Год: 2005
Страна: France
Лейбл: Auerbach Tonträger

01. Prélude (3:04)
02. Invocation I (3:11)
03. Le Diable Parle (3:30)
04. La Maladie D'Aucassin (2:39)
05. Chanson (2:18)
06. Sur Les Bords De L'Ille (2:14)
07. Dans La Loge (2:48)
08. Les Visions De Théophile (2:21)
09. Invocation II (1:05)
10. Danse (2:04)
11. Le Cygne Noir (3:44)
12. Ballade (4:54)
13. Passacaille (4:56)
14. Le Retour D'Aucassin (5:42)
15. Aucassin Et Nicolette (3:01)

Скачать: HERE

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00100 said...

Insanely good. I can't think of anyone else making sound anywhere near this. I mean there's Musica Antiqua and there's Martial Industrial Folk stuff...but both?together? Brilliant. Thanks.I'll listen then see if I want to buy it...most likely I will. I've got many things waiting for paychecks to buy though too, so...anyways thanks.