May 21, 2010

☼ Flux Of Pink Indians - Neu Smell / Strive To Survive / The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks / Taking A Liberty [April 2008 re-post]

In December 1979 after The Epileptics lost their drummer, Colin Latter and Derek Birkett found a replacement and continued gigging. They soon decided that with a new sound and a new set they should change their name. Colin had become interested in North American Indian culture and suggested Tribe Of Pink Indians, before settling on Flux Of Pink Indians in August 1980. Demos were recorded and the band played Stonehenge when the infamous 'biker's riot' occurred (during which Colin got bottled). Spring 1981 saw the release of the legendary 'Neu Smell' EP on the Crass label which reached No. 2 in the indie charts and sold 40,000 copies. Flux were now an integral part of the Anarcho-Punk scene and were receiving the attention of the secret service who camped outside their house, taped their phone calls and followed the band around. 1982 saw the release of the ground breaking 'Strive' album which sold 20,000 copies despite refusal of the band to promote it. No promotional copies were sent to the press or radio and no advertising was permitted. Flux decided a far more experimental path should be taken (the idea being that by making the music un-listenable people would concentrate on the lyrics) with 'The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks' which was banned by HMV and seized from one shop by the police. The subsequent release 'Taking A Liberty' sold only 5,000. The 'Not So Brave' release is a compilation released posthumoulsy by Overground Records. Tracks 1-8 are from their demo 'Strive', track 9 is an alternative mix, track 10 is an album version for the compilation album Wargasm, tracks 11-16 are their first demo and tracks 17-25 are live tracks recorded at the Triad in the Bishop's Stortford.

Год: 1980 / 1981 / 1982 / 1984 (1997)
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Crass / Spiderleg / Overground Records

☼ Flux Of Pink Indians - Neu Smell 7''

01. Neu Smell (0:37)
02. Tube Disaster (2:44)
03. Poem (0:44)
04. Sick Butchers (2:27)
05. Background of Malfunction (2:47)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Flux Of Pink Indians - Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible LP

01. Song for Them (0:37)
02. Charity Hilarity (1:29)
03. Some of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout (2:00)
04. Take Heed (2:31)
05. T.V. Dinner (4:35)
06. Tapioca Sunrise (4:37)
07. Progress (1:42)
08. They Lie We Die (3:08)
09. Blinded By Science (2:37)
10. Myxomatosis (2:19)
11. Is There Anybody There (3:50)
12. The Fun Is Over (2:16)

Скачать: BOTH HERE

☼ Flux Of Pink Indians - The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks 2xLP

01. Punk (1:33)
02. Mind Fuckers Fucking Minds (5:41)
03. Hard Sell (3:31)
04. Love Song (2:33)
05. Mickey On Tuneoil (0:46)
06. Desire (1:30)
07. Blood Lust Rite (4:40)
08. The Falkland War (7:09)
09. Punk (1:17)
10. Life We Make (2:39)
11. Trouble at the Heart (3:41)
12. The Sun (0:43)
13. Shadow of Abuse (0:57)
14. Punk (0:47)
15. Very Funny (2:51)
16. Cure for the Coprlite (10:54)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Flux Of Pink Indians - Taking A Liberty 7''

01. Taking a Liberty (4:11)
02. Pass Me Another Issue (1:44)
03. For the Love of Beauty We Created a Beast (1:52)

Скачать: BOTH HERE


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Great band.

Always loved the artwork, in particular the locations of the nuke bunkers in the UK found on the Strive To Survive LP.

Sound better than Crass to my ears

Keef said...

Thanks a million for this. Fucking Cunts just kicked my ass and I've never heard it before. This is one record I've been dreaming someone would have made for a long time. :-)

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