May 02, 2012

☼ Dødsdømd - The Creation Of A God Full Of Hate / Ever-Burning Evil Fire / Animal Blood & Semen / A Slayer's Diary / Split w/Dödsdömd / Love Songs

Here's a nice one for my lovely noise-fiends... cold evilish grinding noise industrialism from cold Skandinavia by Patrik Jonsson.

☼ Dødsdømd - The Creation Of A God Full Of Hate

Limited to 100 pieces.

Release Year(s): 1998
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Solipsism

Track Listing:
01. Final Adjustments Of Cyber Satan (8:14)
02. Into The Abyss (5:14)
03. As Darkness Breaks The Horizon (5:18)
04. The Creation Of A God Full Of Hate (6:20)
05. Nocturnal Storm (8:49)
06. Whispers From The Dark Angels (8:24)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Dødsdømd - Ever-Burning Evil Fire 7''

Limited to 300 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2000
Label(s) : L.S.D. Organisation

Track Listing:
01. Ever-Burning Evil Fire (3:59)
02. Fleshgrinder (4:37)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Dødsdømd - Animal Blood & Semen

Release Year(s): 2001
Label(s) : SSSM

Track Listing:
01. Horse Dick Up The Ass (4:47)
02. Animal Blood & Semen (8:42)
03. Anal Pig Penetration (6:07)
04. Sodomized & Slaughtered (4:56)
05. Gang Raped By Pittbulls (10:59)
06. Necrophilian Bestiality (5:35)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Dødsdømd - A Slayer's Diary LP

Limited to 250 pieces, 50 of which came packed between two thick plastic plates.

Release Year(s): 2002
Label(s) : Blade Records / Spatter

Track Listing:
01. Abusing Offals For Masturbation (3:52)
02. Pleasure, Pain And Butchery (5:02)
03. Man/Animal Rectal Intercourse (5:30)
04. Blood Smeared Genitals (5:10)
05. Abattoir Fuck Feast (5:40)
06. Kill ! Fuck ! Eat ! (7:09)
07. Heifer 69 (6:53)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)

- A N D -
just because i'm a goofy goof who likes to do this with some vinyl rips, i present you…
the 45-rpm version:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Dødsdømd / Dödsdömd - Split 7''EP

A unique split EP with Swedish d-beat/käng/punk act Dödsdömd.

Release Year(s): 2006
Label(s) : Cage Match Federation / New Noise Records

Track Listing:
01. Dødsdømd: Crust-Ass Fuck (3:54)
02. Dödsdömd: De Hängdas Visa (1:47)
03. Dödsdömd: Den Sista Nattvarden (1:11)
04. Dödsdömd: Vriden Tillvaro (0:53)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Dødsdømd - Love Songs

Limited to 300 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2010
Label(s) : L.White Records

Track Listing:
01. Never Gonna Leave You (4:26)
02. Sweet Darling (4:24)
03. Let's Make Love (5:59)
04. You're My Everything (5:43)
05. Hold Me Tight (5:11)
06. Kiss & Touch (6:08)
07. Love You So (6:03)
08. Oh, Baby! (5:00)
09. Stay Close To Me (6:30)
10. You And I Forever (5:22)
11. Sweet Darling [Honeymoon remix] (8:10)
12. Hold Me Tight [Tender remix] (5:00)

Скачать [w/scan]:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 +PT.3 (MF) -or- (DF)


scato said...

Thanks for these! By the way, if I remember correctly, I saw at least "From fix to fix" by Alfarmania on the deleted blog, but didn't manage to grab it. Any possibility of sharing those again?

[LuS-K] said...

fucking amazing blog! i'm going to need like 3 computers more to get all the great post here!! i put a link to your blog in mine if you like you can go an visit me. Thanks for such a nice blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You have been missed.

JMD • Detroit, Michigan

A said...

Great blog! Glad to have it back! Trade links?

Anonymous said...

can you possibly re-up SUBKLINK - FEASTING ON SOULS. your like my last hope to here this recording. the old rapidshare link is dead. i was so excited when i found, then when it didn't work, i was bummed. hopefully you can re-post. many thanks and btw, i love your blog, you put up some great stuff!