May 17, 2010

☼ Comando Bruno & Avant-Dernières Pensées - Muestras Sin Valor LP [March 2008 re-post]

Rafael Flores is from Andújar, Spain, and has recorded a number of albums since 1981, under his own name and also as Comando Bruno, including many collaborations with like-minded musicians (Avant Dernières Pensées being one of them). Flores uses methods of musique concréte, collage and other approaches, mixed with a sense of humour and a spirit of dada and surrealism. One of the most active sound artists in the 1980s industrial music scene, he influenced new generations of experimental sound artists. His most notorious feature is the intimate poetical touch in the soundworks, quite unusual for the industrial music scene.

Год: 1986
Страна: Spain
Лейбл: Discos Esplendor Geometrico

01. Intro / La Verdad (5:10)
02. Hermeneutica Dura (6:12)
03. Landler (3:57)
04. Helix [Febrer 1929] (5:53)
05. Agresion Sensorial (7:08)
06. Orpheu 2 - Le Sang D'Un Poete (8:52)
07. Pequeña Paz (4:33)

Скачать: HERE

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