May 17, 2010

☼ Coil - Porto [March 2008 re-post]

An "authorized bootleg" recording of Coil's live performance on June 21st 2003 in Porto, Portugal. For this recording, Coil was: Ossian Brown, Peter Christopherson, and Thighpaulsandra. Jhonn Balance was too sick to attend, and does not appear on this recording.

Год: 2006
Страна: UK
Лейбл: n/a

01. Blue Rats (18:14)
02. Triple Sun (12:56)
03. Radio Westin (13:32)
04. Drip Drop (10:04)
05. The First Five Minutes After Death (11:24)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2


John Renard said...


John Renard said...

Any chance that you could reupload this again? The links are dead now.