May 22, 2010

☼ Christine 23 Onna - Shiny Crystal Planet / Acid Eater [April 2008 re-post]

Led by Japanese synth master Maso Yamazaki of Masonna, et al. and aided by Fusao Toda of Angel'in Heavy Syrup, these albums are monsters. The sound of Christine 23 Onna is very different to that of Masonna, Space Machine, or that of Angel'in Heavy Syrup. It is based around a fusion of the psychedelic phrases of accomplished guitarist and composer Fusao, and the spacey electronics of Yamazaki. The pair are also responsible for two of the weirdest shops in Osaka's trendy Shinsaibashi area: Fusao's Freak Scene which specializes in vintage kitsch and psychedelic clothing, while in the same building Yamazaki is manager of the Alchemy Music Store, a mecca for fans of noise, psych, prog and all other bizarre musics. While the music of Christine 23 Onna is experimental, at the same time there is something about its pop fashion sense that would make it the perfect colorful, acid soundtrack for trips both good and bad at some hip, astro-modernist, interior-designed go-go lounge - all shimmering crystals, glass beads, fluorescent plastic and shining metallic finishes. Unusual for any project involving Yamazaki, this one has groovy repeating beats and a clear sense of compositional structure.
Space age bachelor pad psychedelic music, noisychedelic acid-rock, what ever you wanna call it, C230 tread pretty close to what Genesis & The Gang were playing 20 years ago, but is far beyond anything that could be called retro.

Год: 2000 / 2002
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Alchemy Records / Midi Creative / Noble

☼ Christine 23 Onna - Shiny Crystal Planet

01. Drive To Crystal Planet (6:08)
02. Cosmic Jungle (3:27)
03. Christine Hop #1 (3:57)
04. Christine Hop #2 (2:46)
05. Insect Voice (0:48)
06. Mondo Nude Mode (4:53)
07. Groovy Spacy '70 (7:12)
08. Hypnosis (5:36)
09. Under Cover Of Darkness (2:27)
10. Pulse On Pulse (3:45)
11. Moon Over (4:57)
12. New Dawn On Crystal Planet (1:24)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Christine 23 Onna - Acid Eater

01. Fantastico (4:08)
02. Acid Now! (1:36)
03. The Last Hunter (3:31)
04. Acid Eater (4:36)
05. Planet Unknown (4:27)
06. Space Mondo Topless (4:06)
07. Love Galactic (6:21)
08. Top of Spot (6:30)
09. Wild Private (4:46)
10. Erotopia (The Climax) (1:41)

Скачать: HERE

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sappersteen said...

Groov-o-matic. Thanks. Like the soundtrack to a cheap exploitation flick from the sixties. Pass the acid, maaaan!