May 31, 2010

☼ Cancer Barrack - Walking Through The Cancer Barrack / Speichel / Leben [July 2008 re-post]

Cancer Barrack, based in Hamburg with lots of personnel crossovers with Girls Under Glass, was one of Germany's strangest bands of the early 90s. They started as a goth-rock band and released the self-produced mini-LP "Lucious" (which was later re-released through Deathwish Office, the label of the Love Like Blood musicians). In 1991, the first album of Cancer Barrack, "Walking Through The Cancer Barrack" was also released via Deathwish. After their debut release, they embarked on a vigorous live campaign with label-mates Love Like Blood and Dark Orange, after which releasing the MCD "Speichel" on Hyperium. The sound was absolutely powerful, and now more synth goth-rock, since they infused more electronic elements into their songs, and really strange 'arty' lyrics of Thorsten Hammann, who was one of the most enigmatic and theatrical singer/performers of the '90s. In 1993, the second album "Leben" was introduced, which included the biggest underground 'hit' of Cancer Barrack already impressive output. "Beischlaf Mit 60kg Hackfleisch" was a regular dancefloor-filler in many German and European underground clubs. After this album and a few more live gigs, the band was not seen or heard from any longer, which is really a shame.

Год: 1991 / 1992 / 1993
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Deathwish Office / Hyperium Records

☼ Cancer Barrack - Walking Through The Cancer Barrack

01. Grodek (3:20)
02. Cancer Barrack (3:16)
03. Paralysed In Paradise (5:49)
04. Letztes Gebet (4:00)
05. My World (8:42)
06. Chaseloop (6:36)
07. So What! (4:08)
08. Here We Go (7:48)
09. Apart (5:07)
10. When The Machines Cry (14:16)

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☼ Cancer Barrack - Speichel mCD

01. Speichel (5:57)
02. Reise Durch Den Tuschkasten (10:10)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Cancer Barrack - Leben

01. Beischlaf Mit 60kg Hackfleisch (5:05)
02. The Rigid And The Mobile (6:31)
03. Ichmauer (4:13)
04. Cocktail Of ... (6:41)
05. Hey Lord (7:24)
06. Speichel '93! (6:02)
07. Sog Nischt Kejnmol (1:05)
08. In Saliva (7:13)

Скачать: ALL 3 HERE

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