May 25, 2010

☼ The Brides Of Christ II / Plastic Bag - Nine Million Products Of Vice MC [May 2008 re-post]

Here's a split release of experimental electronics. I really don't have much info about this release... Rock Wilson (Mr. Vile Thumb / Toy Muzik) is behind Plastic Bag, and was also the publisher of the Apocalypso A Go-Go magazine. (Maybe other projects, too. Who knows?)
Toy Muzik and Mr. Vile Thumb were on the "The Beast 666" compilation (along with Coil, Hunting Lodge, Zero Kama, Korpses Katatonik, etc.) on Nekrophile Rekords.
There are credits on the inside panel for The Brides Of Christ II, but my searches have come up empty when searching the names. I do know that The Brides Of Christ were on the "19 Keys 19 Bands" compilation (along with Coup De Grace, Pacific 231, Autopsia, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Mauthausen Orchestra, etc.) on Club Moral.
It's just an oddball cassette I picked up at a record convention along with a Turmoil In The Toybox 7" -- I'm sure it's rare, so check it out :p

Год: 1981 / 1983 (1984)
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Smile The Sinners

01. The Brides Of Christ II: Untitled (12:23)
02. The Brides Of Christ II: Untitled (5:42)
03. The Brides Of Christ II: Untitled (7:07)
04. Plastic Bag: Still Life (4:02)
05. Plastic Bag: No Laughing Matter (1:25)
06. Plastic Bag: Talking To Strangers (2:15)
07. Plastic Bag: Lost War (3:59)
08. Plastic Bag: Two Million Dead (7:01)
09. Plastic Bag: Specify (1:20)
10. Plastic Bag: Corridor (6:44)
11. Plastic Bag: Family (3:38)

Скачать: HERE

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