April 16, 2010

☼ The Vomit Arsonist - Reciprocation MC

To follow the post below, here's a solo release by The Vomit Arsonist... one of my favorites in the NE PE/N scene.
Whether you want to turn this up to 11 or headphones, it's a dooooooozzzzy!
Limited to 20 pieces (and now sold-out) it was the first from Andy's own killer label, Danvers State Recordings.

Год: 2008
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Danvers State Recordings

01. February 16 (8:08)
02. Give Up, Give In (6:23)
03. We Know (4:12)
04. Awake (5:55)
05. The Antithesis Of Now (4:42)

Скачать: 320K (w/scans)-or- FLAC (w/scans)

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