April 16, 2010

☼ Mauthausen Orchestra - Sonic Deprivation

I know there was a plethora of Mauthausen Orchestra on the old blog, so here's a little taste of that... but from something that wasn't on the old blog.
Here's a compilation of Mauthausen Orchestra's archive material from the very first cassette releases: "Murderfuck," "Mafarka," "Anal Perversion," "Host Sodomy," "From Homicide To Slaughter." The liner-notes point out that these tracks were 'completely restored and remastered by Giuseppe Verticchio.' -- not too sure there was that much 'r&r' done, but it's nice having some excerpts available from a digital medium, so... forgetaboutit! ;)

Год: 2009
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Silentes Minimal Editions

01. From Homicide To Slaughter [Part 4] (6:38)
02. Anal Perversion [excerpt from Part 2] (14:03)
03. Host Sodomy [excerpt from Part 1] (17:36)
04. Mafarka [excerpt from Part 2] (13:19)
05. Murderfuck [excerpt from Part 1] (16:52)
06. From Homicide To Slaughter [Part 5] (5:05)

Скачать (320K):


Anonymous said...

Thank you !.

Your #1 fan in México.

Victor A.

a blog for electronic minds said...

Murderfuck is classic. Victor directed me to the cassette. Absolutely amazing...