January 01, 2010

☼「January 2008 re-posts / part 3」

here's the 3rd & final part of the January 2008 re-posts from the
old ╬ §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ ╬ blog.
hope ya'll continue to enjoy the posts! only 24 months more to go til i catch-up………!


☼ Scientists - Blood Red River (1982-1984)

Before running the gamut from soundtracks to techno to blues, Kim Salmon was indulging in the great pastime of the Australian rock underground--worshipping at the altar of the Stooges. This well-trodden path has been taken by many a bozo, but Salmon was different as his devotion was so rabid and impassioned that the early Scientists made noise righteous enough to be considered quality outtakes from Iggy and company. Salmon's voice ranges from Jim Morrison seduction to the full-throat yowl that Iggy perfected, complete with chants and Diddley beats 'n' slide (check out "Revhead" or their cover of Beefheart's "Clear Spot") and sinuous guitar lines to match. You wish that they, like the Strokes, were a little further removed from their sources so you could like them more, but like the NY boys, they're still tight enough that you can enjoy them without much guilt. Now that this kind of music is an endangered species as rock slips into subgenre status, what might have seemed kind of retro a few years ago sounds pretty fresh today. (They might also be welcomed in any Cramps fan's home.)

Год: 1982-1984 / 2000
Страна: Australia
Лейбл: Citadel

01. Set It On Fire (2:51)
02. Blood Red River (2:35)
03. Revhead (4:40)
04. Burnout (2:41)
05. The Spin (3:38)
06. When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow (2:36)
07. Swampland (4:10)
08. This Is My Happy Hour (3:35)
09. We Had Love (4:49)
10. Clear Spot (3:01)
11. Nitro (3:28)
12. Solid Gold Hell (3:32)
13. Murderess In A Purple Dress (2:39)
14. Backwards Man (6:20)
15. Demolition Derby (4:54)

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☼ Sick Things - The Sounds Of Silence

This one's sort of an archive item from Melbourne's punk rock past. The Sick Things' name comes up now and then as an influence for many Melbourne bands, and it's clear listening to this why that should be so.
The Sick Things came from around the Caulfield area and played an intense, noisy, dirty style of hardcore thrash punk. They were pretty much equal to UK Hardcore bands like Discharge, Disorder and US merchants like Black Flag, Flipper as far as sheer intensity, pain, noise etc goes. For this reason the band are the pioneers of Hardcore punk in Australia. They were also the first band in Australia to display Hardcore influences such as Discharge, Circle Jerks, Exploited.

"The Sounds Of Silence" is basically their cassette release "Dark" from 1981-82 put on vinyl.

Год: 1981-1982/1989
Страна: Australia
Лейбл: Shock

01. Committed to Suicide (1:52)
02. Can't Take No More (2:34)
03. Dark (4:27)
04. I Like Pills (1:36)
05. Crystal Ballroom (1:36)
06. Good Citizen (1:52)
07. Who Cares (2:22)
08. Sounds of Silence (2:23)
09. Let's Go Swim (2:01)
10. Paranoia (2:43)
11. Police (1:31)
12. Padded Cell (2:26)
13. Head Banger (1:45)

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☼ Ô Paradis - Cuando El Tiempo Sopla / Ô Paradis & Totenlieder - Sin / Totenlieder - Mi Muerte Para Su Amor

Ô Paradis (Demian) is from Spain and Totenlieder (Sébastien Leduc) is from Canada, and they rendezvous by way of Italy. If you are a fan of Novy Svet and Allerseelen (which are two more of my favs) then you'll be interested in hearing these releases.

Год: 2004 / 2007
Страна: Spain / Canada
Лейбл: Punch Productions / Old Europa Cafe (Italy)

☼ Ô Paradis - Cuando El Tiempo Sopla

01. 6:30 (2:22)
02. Dias (3:25)
03. Cuerda (3:58)
04. Guarida (3:57)
05. 14:45 (1:03)
06. Dejar De Correr (4:14)
07. Tiempo (5:43)
08. Olvido (3:09)
09. Desnuda (5:53)
10. Luz Del Presente (3:54)
11. Sexo A La Luna (3:48)
12. Espacio (2:58)
13. 3:59 (0:48)
14. 6:66 [H.W.] (5:19)

☼ Ô Paradis & Totenlieder - Sin

Limited to 500 pieces.

01. Sin Sabor (4:04)
02. El Vacio (3:42)
03. Sin Ti (4:19)
04. A Traves De Ti (3:19)
05. Sin Vida (3:50)
06. Ne Te Reconozco (3:22)

☼ Totenlieder - Mi Muerte Para Su Amor

Limited to 404 pieces.

01. Siga Mis Ojos (3:32)
02. No Olvide Mi Nombre (3:16)
03. Dedicado A (4:45)

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☼ Organ (Mikko Saarela) - Organ 7'' / Kundi Meikkaa 7'' / Kärpästen Juhlat 7''

Organ, the pivotal Finnish synth act, was the answer of Poko Records and Mikko Saarela to the futu craze. Organ was the outcome of the creative minds of Saarela (formerly of the popular Finnish punk band Eppu Normaali) and the synthetic Argon duo -- who had already released one album, Kone kertoo -- joined together. Organ's most famous song was 'Kärpästen juhla' ("The Feast of Flies") with its anti-war theme, mocking the clichés of some traditional Finnish patriotic hymns -- Mikko Saarela's witty, humorous lyrics held some social concern in them, dealing with the rights of test animals, helping the third world countries, bureaucracy and so on, in the best punk tradition.

Год: 1981-1982
Страна: Finland
Лейбл: Poko Records

☼ Mikko Saarela & Organ - Kundi Meikkaa

01. Kundi Meikkaa (4:55)
02. Kaavakekauhu (4:42)

☼ Miko Saarela - Kärpästen Juhlat

01. Kärpästen Juhlat (3:55)
02. Robotti (3:31)

☼ Organ - s/t

01. Suajele Mua Vähän Jostakin Päin (3:53)
02. Neekerisuukkoja (3:21)

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☼ Аркона - От Сердца К Небу

Аркона (Arkona) uses traditional (or faux-traditional) melodies played with modern metal instruments. From Russian folk ensemble to death metal and black metal; vocals from choir to black metal; drum beats from polka to blasts; from mouth harp to wind instruments. The gloomy mood of the album is constant throughout, as it's much darker than previous albums. There are even elements of doom metal to be heard, but aways keeping the Pagan overtones. The vocalist, Masha, is simply incredible. You can hear the passion in her voice. From soothing melancholic passages to black metal hisses and ravenous death metal growls, you can hardly tell it's the same person. How much you enjoy this release will depend on how quickly you are able to appreciate its eccentricities.
Limited Edition digi-pak version with bonus track.

Год: 2007
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: Sound Age Production

01. Покровы Небесного Старца (7:34)
02. Гой, Купала!!! (3:42)
03. От Сердца к Небу (5:06)
04. Ой, Печаль-Тоска (5:33)
05. Гутсулка (2:44)
06. Стрела (6:17)
07. Над пропастью лет (6:41)
08. Славься, Русь (4:01)
09. Купала и Кострома (2:30)
10 Цигулар (3:43)
11. Сва (6:31)
12. Катится Коло (10:17)

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☼ Christian Death - Atrocities / Believers Of The Unpure / The Wind Kissed Pictures

This is a collection of my all-time favorite non-Rozz era Christian Death. I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but to me, "Atrocities" is a better record than "Only Theatre of Pain." -- I know, I know, I should be shot for memorializing that opinion, but that's how I feel. As much as I love "Only Theatre of Pain," I like "Atrocities" that much more. (and the following 12"EP's)

Год: 1986
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Normal / Supporti Fonografici / Jungle

"Atrocities" LP
01. Will-O-The-Wisp (3:15)
02. Tales Of Innocence (6:23)
03. Strapping Me Down (2:36)
04. The Danzig Waltz (3:31)
05. Chimere De-ci De-la (4:41)
06. Silent Thunder (6:32)
07. Strange Fortune (3:52)
08. Ventriloquist (4:31)
09. Gloomy Sunday (3:01)
10. The Death Of Josef (4:28)

"The Wind Kissed Pictures" 12''EP
01. Believers Of The Unpure [xtended] (8:32)
02. Ouverture (3:32)
03. The Wind Kissed Pictures (7:06)
04. The Lake Of Fire (2:39)

"Believers Of The Unpure" 12''EP
01. Believers Of The Unpure (5:59)
02. Between Youth (4:05)
03. After The Rain (3:15)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Skin Chamber - Trial

Industrial metal (think Prong meets Swans while hanging out with Ministry) by Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty of Controlled Bleeding. The main intention of this new project was to have a fresh start in which to explore other musical styles, with a 'band' that would have no history behind it (unlike Controlled Bleeding) but unfortunately for them, only two releases resulted from this project. Unfortunately for me, I only have the last release.

Год: 1993
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Roadrunner

01. On A Drunk (5:22)
02. Throb (6:03)
03. Bleached Bones (4:10)
04. Torturous World (4:06)
05. Sloven (5:37)
06. Glisten (5:29)
07. Slowcrime (5:09)
08. Trial (8:22)
09. Swallowing Scap Metal [part 5] (25:01)

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☼ Markant (aka. Carsten Endrass) - Cat M-07

Again, here's some more Markant... this release was limited to 200 pieces.

Год: 1998
Страна: Bavaria
Лейбл: Markant Records

01. Untitled (7:36)
02. Untitled (8:00)
03. Untitled (7:58)
04. Untitled (8:11)
05. Untitled (9:06)
06. Untitled (6:04)

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☼ Hellstorm - Fucking Bleed

Hellstorm is a Norwegian extreme metal band with members from Perished and Celebratum. The style of Hellstorm isn't so much black metal, as blackened deathrash. Very gutteral and in your face... almost like if you mixed up Sadistik Exekution / Rok with Tulus and Barathrum.

Год: 1999
Страна: Norway
Лейбл: Head Not Found

01. Snakeraped (5:09)
02. Forked (4:18)
03. No Decay (3:01)
04. The Scythe (3:39)
05. Slayer (3:02)
06. Bitch, Slut, Whore (3:05)
07. The Prisoners (3:37)
08. Toxic BBQ (3:54)
09. Awaiting Death (3:34)
10. Psychodelic Mayhem (5:42)

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☼ PC-Engine Soundtracks - Sapphire / Hellfire-S / Rayxanber II

This is for all you ol'skool gamers who loved the 'hot rockin' robo-metal tunes that would pump out of your favorite PC-Engine CD games. No song titles, so I am only listing the number of songs and the total runtime.

☼ Ginga Fukei Densetsu: Sapphire

Год: 1995
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Hudson
Содержание: 14 songs = 34:13

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Hellfire-S

Год: 1991
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: NEC Interchannel
Содержание: 9 songs = 38:55

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Rayxanber II

: 1991
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: DataWest
Содержание: 13 songs = 36:20

Скачать: ALL HERE
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☼ VA.\Mjölnir - Industrial Noise Compilation

Cthulhu Records is a highly respected German industrial / experimental electronics label. The label operated from 1981 until 31 Dec. 1999. Will-I Stasch and Rose Kasseckert ran the label and are well-known for their work as Ernte, as well as being two-thirds of Mental Measuretech and publishing the magazine "The Feverish."
This is a double cassette compilation that was released in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Год: 1989
Страна: International
Лейбл: Cthulhu Records (Germany)

01. Le Syndicat: Killing At Home (2:47)
02. Sigillum S.: Warmamurder (5:58)
03. Somewhere In Europe: The Last Summer (3:26)
04. Somewhere In Europe: Separate Torsos (2:59)
05. La Sonorité Jaune: Osora (1:41)
06. La Sonorité Jaune: Rehaa (Excerpt) (4:11)
07. Club Moral: Song Of The Vulva (4:32)
08. The Haters: SYI 29 (7:49)
09. Entre Vifs: Concatenation (9:23)
10. Slave State: Divide & Conquer (5:04)
11. Kapotte Musiek: Audio Plagio 8 (Bienenkoenigin) (5:01)
12. Gerstein: Tulunggul (3:14)
13. Gerstein: Lu'Ningu (3:32)
14. Eric Lunde: XcHdX / Partial Being (3:20)
15. Con-Dom: Get Right With God I (Live) (5:25)
16. Ain Soph: Hand In Hand (7:27)
17. Allerseelen: Sturm (6:05)
18. Allerseelen: Schwartzer Rab (3:41)
19. Vox Populi!: Alli (Ritual Sufi Song) (6:38)
20. Nightmare Lodge: Tra Le Fiamme Del Nido (2:55)
21. Crash Worship ADRV: Shadow Weapon (5:29)
22. Crash Worship ADRV: Dance With The Birdwoman (7:52)
23. Hybryds: Introspection (2:17)
24. Hybryds: Le Cri De L'Enfer (1:56)
25. Hybryds: Bella (3:25)
26. Ipsos & Zone Void: Black Flame Mantra (5:27)
27. Autopsia: Show Me Your Wound (Live) (3:37)

Скачать: HERE1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Thorofon - Bloodheat / Freedom

German industrial/power-electronics project founded by Anton Knilpert in 1995. After 10 years of existence & the triptych of albums being completed, Thorofon transformed into The Musick Wreckers at the end of 2005 while Knilpert changed his artistname into Dan Courtman.
With Anton Knilpert & Geneviève Pasquier being the coremembers of Thorofon, they worked regularly with guestsmusicians like Julius Gospodard & Tikki Nagual amongst others.

Год: 2001 / 2004
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Ritalin Aktif / UMB / Steinklang Industries (Austria)

☼ Thorofon - Bloodheat

[This 10"EP was included in only 100 pieces of the Final Movement LP. 35 pieces also exist without the LP]

01. Hi Sprayers! (2:58)
02. Ultralove (4:10)
03. Cold Fever (3:59)
04. Bloodheat (4:16)
05. Below 370 NM (0:47)


☼ Thorofon - Freedom

[This 7"EP was limited to 180 pieces]

01. U.S. Urper / Concrete Fears (7:04)
02. Infect Us / Not Only The 80's (7:07)

Скачать: BOTH HERE
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☼ G.U.T. - My Only Drug Is Madness

Norwegian black metal takes on electro, darkcore and progressive rock in musical battle, sounding like a beer party in a bomb shelter. Cornelius von Jackhelln is better known as the core of both Solefald and Sturmgeist, but not for making quirky electronica! That is about to change, with G.U.T.
"G.U.T. is the zoological garden of my mind, where scores of weird beasts run around in frenzy and freedom. Since 1999 I have been writing electronica-based songs, and in August 2005 I finally committed myself to making a full album. For that purpose I rented the Graffitti Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria for four weeks' worth of studio time. Working in a wholly new country with new people turned into a genuine pleasure, given the resolute professionalism of the Graffitti crew. Ognian Kiossovski engineered the recording sessions. The Bulgarian composer and conductor Christo Pavlov arranged six of the G.U.T. songs for the Strrings (sic!) Quartet. After a rather quiet year with some additional vocal takes and editing by the sea in Kragerø, Norway, I received a generous grant from the Cultiva Express trust in Kristiansand, sponsoring the mixing of the album. Consequently I asked the mixer, Endre Kirkesola at Dub Studio, to board ship. In January 2007 he started on the task, and the mix was completely finished in April. The album "My Only Drug Is Madness" was released on Von Jackhelln Inhuman, my own record label.
After ten years of working with various well-established record labels, I had decided to go solo. Being the total-control anarchist that I am, I wanted to experience the whole process of writing, performing, producing, publishing, promoting and financing an album in no way inferiour to a commercial recording. Under the motto "Kontrol ist kool" I addressed the people that really matter: the fanatics that enjoy my music. You didn't see any magazine ads for the album, and only a handful of reviews, if any. The release of "My Only Drug Is Madness" was an experiment in order to know if and how self-publication works. The album was available from my mail-order company in Berlin, and I pressed only 1000 hand-numbered and signed copies of the album, which are now completely sold out." 〜 Cornelius von Jackhelln

Год: 2007
Страна: Norway / France
Лейбл: Von Jackhelln Inhuman

01. Balkanized In Belgrade (3:52)
02. Home Of The Hardcore (3:19)
03. Transilvanian Hunger [Darkthrone cover] (3:36)
04. Représailles À Versailles (3:20)
05. First Song Last Chance (3:34)
06. Mastur Bator (2:47)
07. The Beauty & The Bitch (3:50)
08. Unconquered Sun (3:39)
09. My Only Drug Is Madness (3:18)
10. Nein Nein Zeppelin (4:27)

Скачать: HERE
pw: Cornelius.von.Jackhelln

☼ あぶらだこ ・ 1983—1984

Aburadako(あぶらだこ)is a popular Japanese Hardcore Punk band (Japcore for short) that was formed in 1982. They were famed for their amazing live performances and lyrical content. One of the band's interesting qualities was that their albums never had names and were always called "Aburadako." They were each given respective names by fans for the albums picture. They dis-banded but got back together in 1986 to produce a new album, and also re-released some of their back catalogue, plus a 'best of' album.

If you are new to Japcore, don't start here. You'll probably hate it. But, if you know what you're in for, and your vinyl is roached like mine, here's the『1983—1984』era at least.

Год: 1999
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: OK Records

09。WHITE WOLF(3:06)
14。OUT OF THE BODY(4:04)
17。WHITE WOLF(Live)(2:36)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Mortaur - Horror Vacui

Mortaur is a project by Anders Calderon. He offers this album as a free download 〜 "Horror Vacui was to be released on Essence Music in 2003, but was aborted. There have been some other offers on releasing this album, but since I'm now focusing on a new project, Proscenium, with an upcoming album on Memento Mori / Dark Vinyl, I decided to make it available for free." Enjoy!

Год: 2002
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: CMI

01. Eternal Slavery (1:32)
02. Unweep our Souls (4:01)
03. Fields of Asphodel (5:02)
04. Horror Vacui (4:31)
05. The Lost Souls (4:37)
06. Nightfog (6:09)
07. As the Forest Speaks (4:12)
08. The Unlight (5:53)
09. Dies Irae (7:43)

Скачать: HERE


☼ Janitor - Qoumran 4-ever

An outstanding mix of rhythms, industrial electronic soundscapes, romantic tunes with the distinct voice of Lina, a sentimental journey into the world of weirdness. The dry wind as a tapestry of sand in an electronic desert, structures and ornaments. (WOW, can I have some of what he's on, please!?) Anyway, another Janitor release for yuz.

Год: 2005
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Tesco Organisation

01. Qoumran Inflight (4:38)
02. Humanity (4:20)
03. The Need For A Holy Spirit (33:16)
04. A Secret Hidden In The Golden Sand (4:54)
05. Bridges (5:39)
06. Habelsbolet - Port Said (8:58)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ R.U.G. (Randy Uchida Group) - Deathly Fighter

This is Randy Uchida's (guitarist of Japanese hardcore thrash legends G.I.S.M.) solo work. It's more glam rock with melodic punk mixed in. Think Geddy Lee meets Mötley Crüe while hanging out with Venom.

Год: 1984
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Dogma

01. Deathly Fighter (4:14)
02. Crazy Bomber (6:15)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Allegory Chapel Ltd. - Demimonde Voices

Another Allegory Chapel Ltd. cassette release!
I got this tape directly from my friend 中嶋昭文 back in 1993.
(You might know him by his other name, Aube.)

Год: 1993
Страна: USA
Лейбл: G.R.O.S.S. (Japan)

01. Persection [93rd Mix] (4:00)
02. The Agony & The Ecstasy (5:45)
03. 1,000 Years Of Oppression (4:25)
04. Salvage Post-Purgatory Cadavers (1:17)
05. Enter The Noviliates (3:54)
06. Introduction To Picarism (6:18)
07. Scourge Game In 4 Movements (4:02)
08. The Brutality Of Love (6:55)
09. Descent Into Boston [Quiet Mix] (4:25)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Contagious Orgasm - Spill Drop

Controversial Japanese musician Hiroshi Hashimoto presents a dense stream of sound, with flashes of sexual obsession, ritualism and culture. Besides micro-glitches, clicks, subtle melodies and controlled rhythmic clicks-n-cuts, you'll encounter more experimental sounds, from rough field recordings, noisy frequencies and distorted voices to sinewaves.
Limited to 410 numbered pieces.

Год: 2005
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: Waystyx

01. Melancholy Spiders (2:41)
02. Cill Drop (8:57)
03. Aqua Soma (Edit) (5:25)
04. Realization Set In (1:44)
05. The Room Of The Whisper (1:48)
06. The Museum's Marble Floor (2:51)
07. Hypnotic Skills (1:11)
08. Harvest Song (5:21)
09. This Point, Just On Automatic (6:01)
10. Now, YOU Are In Deep Trouble (3:38)
11. Aqua Soma (11:00)

Скачать: HERE -and- HERE
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☼ Bad Sector + Contagious Orgasm - Vacuum Pulse

Italian/Japanese power electronics collab. Tracks 1 & 2 originally released as Vacuum Pulse MC (1996) and tracks 3 & 4 previously unreleased.

Год: 1996 / 2000
Страна: Italy / Japan
Лейбл: Old Europa Cafe

01. Vacuum (21:19)
※ Performer: Bad Sector [Sound Assembly]
※ Performer: Contagious Orgasm [Sound Sources]
02. Pulse (22:01)
※ Performer: Contagious Orgasm [Sound Assembly]
※ Performer: Bad Sector [Sound Sources]
03. EMP (3:56)
※ Performer: Bad Sector [Sound Assembly]
※ Performer: Contagious Orgasm [Sound Sources]
04. New Pulse (6:48)
※ Performer: Contagious Orgasm [Sound Assembly]
※ Performer: Bad Sector [Sound Sources]

Скачать: HERE
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☼ 1919 - Machine

There's really no way around the fact that on this mLP, 1919 is completely doing Killing Joke. You'll find yourself singing the lyrics to KJ songs while listening to this LP --"the Wardance... the Wardance..."
I would say their 'influences' are Killing Joke, early Siouxsie (minus Siouxsie of course) and a smidgen of PIL tossed in for good measure. That doesn't mean I don't like 1919. They're great! -- Hell, the song "The Scream" actually sounds similar to KJ's song North of the Border off Extremities -- "scrape... my... nails... across a brick." and that came out 10 years after 1919's "Machine" so, there's a lot of interchange going on between these two bands. KJ and 1919 played quite a few gigs together, so one can only speculate. 1919 also played supporting Danse Society and Playdead, while Southern Death Cult and New Model Army supported 1919. It was just a big happy family. (I think Steve Albini took one listen to the guitar in "The Ritual" and thought, "Hey, I could make a band called Big Black with that sound!"☺)
Anywho, I think their collective CD of 7''s & 12''s is still available, so if you like this little taste, please buy the CD.

Год: 1983
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Red Rhino Records

01. Alien (3:50)
02. Machine (3:07)
03. The Hunted (4:50)
04. The Scream (3:55)
05. Slave (3:12)
06. The Ritual (3:39)
07. Control (3:09)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ 70's Robot Anime: GEPPY-X - Original Soundtrack

70's Robot Anime: GEPPY-X (known in Japan as 70年代風ロボットアニメ ゲッP-Xのうた) is a 4-disc side scrolling shooter game released in 1999 by Aroma for Sony PlayStation console. The game itself is a parody of one of the most famous and legendary Super Robot anime, Getta Robo & Getta Robo G, created by Nagai Go in the '70s. This soundtrack of 'real songs' is performed by many famous artists that have sang on other anime and video game soundtracks. For example, Kageyama Hironobu (my favourite) has done soundtrack work on Kishin Douji Zenki, Psychic Force 1 & 2, many of the Super Robot Taisen songs, Dragonball Z, Choujin Sentai Jetman etc., etc. Sasaki Isao, who sang for Wakusei Robot Danguard Ace, Getta Robo, Getta Robo G, etc., and MIO, who sang the lyrics version of "Time to Come," Shuujinkou theme in Super Robot Wars 4, F, and FF.
So, if you are a fan of Japanese anime/video game songs, this is a must for you!

: 1999
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Aroma

01. ささきいさお: ゲッP-エックスのうた (3:37)
02. ささきいさお: ゲッP-エックスのバラード (3:08)
03. ムッシュ吉崎: ゲッP-エックス発信せよ! (2:07)
04. 希望の勇者ゲッP-エックス (3:55)
05. ムッシュ吉崎: 好きだ!ゲッP-エックス (2:51)
06. MIO: 絢爛たる逆襲の救世主 (3:48)
07. 串田アキラ: 蘇れゲッP-エックス (3:18)
09. ささきいさお: 翔ベ!ダブルエックス (3:04)
10. ムッシュ吉崎: 進め! 宇宙ビースト (3:05)
11. 影山ヒロノブ: 勝利だ!絶対フィニッシュ!! (3:10)
12. 影山ヒロノブ: ゲッP-エックス '99 (3:44)
13. ムッシュ吉崎: 伝説~Gather Darkness (4:44)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Blood of Kingu - De Occulta Philosophia

Hate Forest's new incarnation, Blood of Kingu, surfaces for the first time after an exasperatingly long wait. If you take Hate Forest's "Purity" and "Sorrow" releases and add a bit of ancient Tibet and Indo-Aryan ethnic elements, traditional instruments, and deep Shamanic vocals, you will have an approximate idea of what this sounds like. Inspired by Summerian, ancient Egyptian, and Indo-Aryan mythology and history, this blasting black metal opus presents a radical synthesis of the brutal fist and intellectual genius.

Год: 2007
Страна: Ukraine
Лейбл: Supernal

1. Incoarika Incognita (1:10)
2. Your Blood, Nubia! Your Power, Egypt! (4:28)
3. Mummu Tiamat (4:00)
4. Stronghold of Megaliths, Thorns and Human Bones (4:35)
5. Slaughter of Shudras (0:44)
6. Lair of Night Abzu (5:27)
7. Black Spectral Wings of Shaman (4:45)
8. Vajtarani (0:14)
9. Chambers of Inpu-sub (3:03)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Animus - Poems for the Aching, Swords for the Infuriated

There are no song titles listed, nor are there any linear notes. On the back of the jewel case are the words "Sir and the one self." Inside the inlay card: "In Memoriam --- Honoring the collective of souls who nobly chose the aeseticism of creation on favor of their fragile human existence. And with this... We celebrate our mortality and endless being." On the rear of the inlay card: "Animus is none and nothing but sheer artistic devotion. No words, no musical notes -- emotions."

Год: 2005
Страна: Israel
Лейбл: Ars Magna Recordings

01. Untitled (8:23)
02. Untitled (7:44)
03. Untitled (6:22)
04. Untitled (8:28)
05. Untitled (6:08)
06. Untitled (13:19)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com


☼ Sinke Dûs - Akrasia

Akrasia is an old question dealing with the weakness of the will. To behave "akratically" is when one acts against his better judgement, committing acts that are known to be wrong but yet still going through with the motion. Markus Lonebrink wanted to explore not so much the philosophical issues at hand, but rather the subjective experience of akrasia itself. To learn of the underlying motives of when one acts akratically. Certain events in the akratic process felt natural to him and it was those he tried to integrate into these soundscapes. There are no conclusions described in the music, but there might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and perhaps the shadow of a hint of why we humans sometimes act as irrationally as we do. A shared quest to gain better knowledge of oneself through this self-revisionistic ambient journey filled with ethereally lush passages that give way to a truly visionary and immersive experience.
This release also features a special collaboration with Pär Bostrom of Kammarheit.

Год: 2007
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Cyclic Law (Canada)

01. The Premonition (6:45)
02. Acedia (5:47)
03. Remnants (7:32)
04. That Which Was Lost (7:08)
05. The Abyss (5:17)
06. That Which Lies Beyond (7:12)
07. Fortitude (6:09)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com


☼ Dapnom - Baalberith, Master Of The Alliances

Dark ambient satanic ritual project from France.
This release is the Volume IV of the Pseudomonarchia Daemonium series.
Limited to 50 pieces.

Год: 2007
Страна: France
Лейбл: Bone Structure (Belgium)

01. Baalberith, Master Of The Alliances (21:20)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Bocksholm - The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara

"After some years of confusion by having two persons with the name Peter Andersson, both grown up in the small industrial town called Boxholm and making industrial music on the CMI label, there was almost no choice but to collaborate with each other in a project named Bocksholm (the old spelling of Boxholm). This collaboration between Raison D'etre and Deutsch Nepal started in 1998 and reflects the bad childhood environment of the ironworks in Boxholm." 〜 from Raison D'etre.

Год: 2006
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Wrotycz Records (Poland)

01. Franz Enokk The Bastard (7:26)
02. The Haunting Curse (5:13)
03. Rollermill Waltz (3:53)
04. Pressbyran ''78 (8:05)
05. Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv (21:50)
06. Bira(th) Anthem (6:08)

pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Crust - Sacred Heart / Crust / Crusty Love

"You've never had it so good until you've had it with a hermaphrodite!!!"

This is one of my all-time favorite Austin, TX bands! They started out in 1987 under the name Mud Honey but changed it to Crust in order to avoid confusion with Seattle grunge act. Crust was the first band signed to Trance Syndicate by Butthole Surfer King Coffey. They have a style based on both high-tech and low-tech treatments. In addition to normal instruments, they used children's toys, beat to shit and barely working Casios from thrift stores, any cheap piece of junk found at the local Salvation Army outlets, and also invented their own instruments, like the electric door spring. Song themes range from bodily functions, sex, sexual perversions, sexual oddities/deformities, abductions, relationships, peer pressure, communicable diseases, vermin, etc. If you're into early Butthole Surfers, then you'll be able to appreciate Crust!

Год: 1990 / 1991 / 1994
Страна: Austin, TX
Лейбл: Trance Syndicate Records

☼ Crust - Sacred Heart of Crust

01. Sacred Heart (4:25)
02. Tiny Shoes (3:10)
03. Mud Honey (4:27)
04. Chemical Patty (5:43)
05. Black Tuesday (4:12)
06. Glad Handing (3:05)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Crust - Crust

01. Head Lice (2:46)
02. Nothing (2:10)
03. They'll Love It (4:18)
04. Diet Tray (2:55)
05. Rebong (3:51)
06. Charlie (5:35)
07. Mosquito Beach (3:45)
08. Dog's Prayer Day (2:31)
09. Hard Stool (2:58)
10. Good Friday (2:35)
11. Feelings (5:19)
12. Sack Lunch (5:09)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Crust - Crusty Love

01. Painsville (2:52)
02. Chlamydia Is Not A Flower (2:26)
03. Sammy (3:29)
04. Bumblebee (1:54)
05. Desperate Cries (2:54)
06. Dry Jack (2:48)
07. Mace Thurmond (3:08)
08. How About You? (3:55)
09. Country Lesson (2:55)
10. New Brown Belt (1:43)
11. Slurpee (1:49)
12. Dealer Mike (2:04)
13. Lesbian Weekend (3:20)
14. Melissa (5:06)
15. Do It (3:14)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Markant (aka. Carsten Endrass) - Cat M-06

More Markant... this release was kicked up to a whopping 200 pieces.

Год: 1998
Страна: Bavaria
Лейбл: Markant Records

01. Untitled (6:01)
02. Untitled (8:42)
03. Untitled (8:59)
04. Untitled (4:57)
05. Untitled (4:28)
06. Untitled (7:29)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Black Cobra - Bestial

Droning, noisy, fuzzed-out Sabbath riffs and a hammer pounding rhythm section driving the riffs deeper and deeper into your skull. Once the band has wormed into your psyche, the vocals pick away at your brains, often completely indecipherable and always pissed-off. Sounds like fun to me!

Год: 2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: At A Loss Recordings

01. One Nine (3:08)
02. Thrown From Great Heights (2:01)
03. El Equis (3:09)
04. Beneath (2:08)
05. Omniscient (3:18)
06. The Cry of Melora (3:16)
07. Broken on the Wheel (6:05)
08. Sugar Water (4:23)
09. El Doce de Octubre (3:55)
10. Sombra de Bestia (2:31)
11. Kay-Dur-Twenty (2:25)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Le Car - Automatic

"This 12'' is absolutely out of print. The films have been lost, the French pressing plant that manufactured it closed down and destroyed the master plates when they shut down, and Craft Records / Sabotage are defunct" 〜 so says Adam Lee Miller, founder of Ersatz Audio in Detroit, and who also happens to be ½ of Le Car. In 1995 he started out solo as Artificial Material, then joined with Ian R. Clark for Le Car, and then the more popularly known Adult. along with Nicola Kuperus.
"Automatic" is a mini-LP of sorts, and was Le Car's first official release on the now de-funk-t Austrian label Craft Records/Sabotage Recordings, whose own predilections toward good-natured cheek-tonguing makes Le Car's brand of lo-fi new wave electro a logical fit. "Automatic" is essentially five tracks and three short vignettes, the former amounting to some of the group's most melodically and rhythmically integrated work to date. Foregrounding the inclination toward late-'70s/early-'80s weirdo techno-pop far more implicit in earlier recordings, Le Car manage whole songs -- and good ones, too -- where past releases settled for sketches.

Год: 1997
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Craft Records (Austria)

01. Aluminum Rectangles (3:10)
02. Personal Auto Attendant (0:58)
03. Malice (4:05)
04. Silent Auto Attendant (0:42)
05. Warm Humans [radio edit] (2:23)
06. 20/20 (3:15)
07. Clean Auto Attendant (0:34)
08. 24 Hours [instrumental] (2:45)
09. Beau Ideal (3:51)
10. Final Auto Attendant (0:59)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Absurter Cryst - Blasphemic Forgiverence

The only info I have on this 'band' is that the vocalist is Alex Schulze of Naked Whipper (also, ex-Blood, ex-Nyctophobic, ex-Malaphar) Other than that, I have no idea. If you like gutteral doom-death metal played with a more black metal feel... with similarities to Sodom "In the Sign of Evil" and Hellhammer "Apocalyptic Raids" with a dash of Blasphemy "Fallen Angel of Doom" and old Massacre demos, then you might get a kick out of this 7". I know I did!

Год: 1991
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Seraphic Decay / Hellion Rec.

01. Jejune Heavens / World of Terror (4:11)
02. Jesus Wept (5:25)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Aphex Twin - NYC Morning Becomes Electronic

It's The Aphex Twin... what more do you need to know?
If you dig on his brand of didgeridooin' and ain't got it already, here it be!

Год: 1997
Страна: UK
Лейбл: huh?

01. Interview I (0:32)
02. 4 (3:36)
03. Interview II (6:11)
04. Girl/Boy Song (4:48)
05. Interview III (3:51)
06. Flim (2:59)
07. Interview IV (3:12)
08. Come To Daddy [Mummy mix] (4:25)
09. Interview V (4:38)
10. Iz-Us* (2:57)

Скачать: HERE
pw: sickness-abounds.blogspot.com

☼ Carpathian Forest - Uncensored VCD

When I bought "We're Going to Hollywood for This: Live Perversions" DVD, little did I know I would be one of the lucky 1,000 people to get a bonus VCD! It's been mis-quoted by many who don't own it that this is a 2-DVD set. It's actually 1-DVD plus this VCD. I guess they didn't think the footage was worth the expense of another DVD. It's nothing essential, but I like watching corpse-painted lunatics vomit and shit. Don't you?

Год: 2004
Страна: Norway
Лейбл: Metal Mind (Poland)

Скачать: HERE 1 +HERE 2 + HERE 3
pw: sickness-abounds

☼ Carpathian Forest - Skjend Hans Lik

A collection of past and new material: 1 alternate mix of Skjend Hand Lik, 1 previously unreleased track, 1 live track, the highly anticipated remastered version of their 1992 demo "Bloodlust &
Perversion" (which sounds much better than the cassette) and a bonus video clip.
This digi-pak is limited to only 999 copies.

Год: 2004
Страна: Norway
Лейбл: Season of Mist

01. Skjend Hans Lik [alternate mix] (5:20)
02. Humiliation Chant [unreleased] (2:48)
03. Spill the Blood of the Lamb [Rohypnol pre-production - 666] (5:23)
04. Martyr / Sacrificulum [drunk and alive] (3:43)
05. Bloodlust and Perversion [1992 demo version] (4:27)
06. Return of the Freezing Winds [1992 demo version] (4:28)
07. Wings Over the Mountain of Sighisoara [1992 demo version] (3:43)
08. The Woods of Wallachia [1992 demo version] (4:11)
09. Through the Black Veil of the Burgo Pass [1992 demo version] (2:20)
10. Carpathian Forest [music video clip]

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

☼ Allegory Chapel Ltd. - Assaults on the Human Body

I bought this tape back in 1989 from Charnel House mail-order (who would later release the "When Angels Fall" CD) and was instantly entranced by the harsh sounds. It totally reminded me of old SPK. I even made my own 'music video' of sorts (like the SPK autopsy video) by dubbing ACL over an open-head surgery of a toddler that I had recorded off of some cable channel. I set the video on the slowest playback speed with the track "Disorientation & Excruciations" playing over it. I really wish i knew what happened to that.
Anywho, this is a long out of print MC of one of my favs.
(a little history regarding the encoding... my original tape broke, so after I mended it, I archived it to MP3. unfortunately, at that time I thought 128kbps was just fine. me dummy :-/ but I think it still sounds fuckin' great, and is one of my all-time favorite noise releases!)

Год: 1989
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Freedom In A Vacuum

01. Deprivation & Isolation (5:13)
02. Humiliation & Villification (2:45)
03. Prostration & Prostitution (5:37)
04. Disorientation & Excruciations (9:05)
05. Manipulation & Victimization (7:47)
06. Mutilation & Amputation [w/Odal] (7:14)
07. Exploitation & Subjugation (4:14)
08. Crucifixion & Vivisection (10:34)
09. Dejection & Afflictions (7:08)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Airlocktronics - Imperative / Narrative

Airlock is the label formerly known as Drive-In; Airlocktronics is the artist formerly known as Airlock. (aka. Alexander Crook) Both of these 12'' releases are examples of Airlocktronics love of modern or 'new school' electro. Club-floor fare with lo-bit computer vocal treatments, ghetto bass and occasional breaks, all with a dark touch.

Год: 1998 & 1999
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Airlock

☼ Airlocktronics - Imperative

01. Untitled (5:38)
02. Untitled (6:46)
03. Untitled (5:54)
04. Untitled (6:48)

☼ Airlocktronics - Narrative

01. Untitled (5:31)
02. Untitled (6:51)
03. Untitled (7:37)
04. Untitled (5:31)

Скачать: IMP HERE -and- NAR HERE

☼ Markant (aka. Carsten Endrass) - Cat M-05

More Markant... this release was also limited to 100 pieces.

Год: 1997
Страна: Bavaria
Лейбл: Markant Records

Untitled (5:38)
Untitled (6:27)
Untitled (4:02)
Untitled (5:44)
Untitled (6:33)
Untitled (6:17)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Brighter Death Now - Xn Recordings 005

Brighter Death Now is the artist name under which Roger Karmanik, the founder of the Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry, releases death industrial, power electronics and dark ambient music. Throughout its history, Karmanik has kept his music's thematic elements focused on such topics as child molestation, sadism, and psychosis. The imagery of BDN's releases largely employs skulls, bones, corpses, death and decay. Still Karmanik never lacks to show the dark humorous side of his personality.
This 7" limited to 486 copies.

Год: 2004
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Xn Recordings (Italy)

01. Untitled (6:07)
02. Untitled (6:29)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Jurassic Jade - Live at Eχpløsion 8''flexi

This 8"flexi disc is one of the very first Japanese thrash metal bands I had heard in 1986. I'd been record trading with people from all over the world since I was in junior-high (Japan, Finland & UK being my favorites) but I had only ever traded hardcore/punk records. (although it wasn't long until i started demo trading, thanx to Metal Forces' "Pen-Bangers" section.)
Along with this JJ release, I had received their A Cradle Song 7", plus: Zadkiel - Highway Z 7" & Hell's Bomber 7"picture disc, Doom - Go Mad Yourself 7", Casbah - Russian Roulette 7", R.U.G. [Randy Uchida Group] - Deathly Fighter 7", and United - Destroy Metal & Beast Dominate 7"s. All of these records made such an impression on me... I remember the entire day... I played this JJ flexi 15 times. \m/
Of course I had heard of regular Japanese metal before, like Bow Wow, Loudness, etc., but this was my first taste of truly underground Japanese metal.
Anyway, enjoy... and, if you likey, please be sure to seek out and buy their CDs & DVDs.

Год: 1985
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Eχpløsion Records

01. 鏡よ鏡 (2:17)
02. Bad Blood Satan (2:51)
03. Terror the Beast (3:12)
04. Hello Darkness (4:39)
05. Jap Death Metal (3:18)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Controlled Bleeding - Trailer Fuck

One of the most prolific and versatile bands in experimental music, Controlled Bleeding were founded in 1979 by Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty.
This cassette-only release is of a live 'noise' set they played somewhere in Japan. Little else is known about it, as it was extremely limited, and only available inside Japan.
This recording is as raw as no-lube butt sex!

Год: 1985
Страна: USA
Лейбл: ZSF Produkt (Japan)

01. Untitled (5:24)
02. Untitled (13:34)
03. Untitled (1:44)
04. Untitled (1:36)
05. Untitled (12:26)
06. Untitled (6:38)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Death Comes Along - Psychedelic Inferno

From the ashes of Japanese hardcore punk band Crow.
Punk Rock, Post-Punk & No Wave meets Heavy Metal, Acid Rock & Noise, creating fuzzed-out hypnotic space jams.
Limited to 444 hand numbered copies.

: 2001
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Psychedelic Inferno

01. Psychedelic Inferno / Death Death Death (19.22)
02. Children of the Death (3.02)
03. Psychedelic Inferno II (14.40)
04. Psychedelic Inferno III (5.01)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Powerlord - The Awakening

Classic skull-crushing power thrash metal from Oklahoma.

: 1986
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Shark Records

01. Masters of Death (5:24)
02. Malice (4:25)
03. Silent Rage (6:21)
04. The Invasion of the Lords (3:58)
05. Merciless Titans (4:46)
06. [The Awakening] Powerlord (5:27)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Tape - Mort Aux Vaches

Packaged in a special plastic sleeve held together by a single brass fastener and tape. Limited to 500 copies.

: 2005
Страна: Netherlands
Лейбл: Mort Aux Vaches

01. Drinking Structure (4:50)
02. Reversed Flames (6:27)
03. Straw Optics (5:33)
04. Just Right Reverie (5:16)
05. Summonspipe (6:19)
06. Filtered Rays (4:43)

Скачать: HERE



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