January 01, 2010

☼「January 2008 re-posts / part 2」

here's the 2nd part of the January 2008 re-posts from the old ╬ §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ ╬ blog. hope ya'll enjoy! thanx and take care!


☼ Le Car - Auto-Motif

Another Le Car release ☺

Год: 1997
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Monoplaza Records

01. Erase That Thought (3:48)
02. Fony / Car Scene One (4:31)
03. Cinematic-Automatic (3:39)
04. Flame Job / Car Scene Two (5:29)

Скачать: HERE


☼ Dr. Richard / Captain Golllini & Steward Kant - 12000 Feet

Another rare and obscure release from the now de-funk-t Sabotage/Craft family.
Dr. Richard = Richard Dorfmeister
Captain Golllini & Steward Kant = Umberto Gollini & Hagen Kant

Год: 1997
Страна: Austria
Лейбл: Craft Records

01. Dr. Richard: Instant Jet Lag Cure
02. Captain Golllini & Steward Kant: Flugbegleiter
03. Captain Golllini & Steward Kant: Instant Jet Lag Cure [remix]
04. Dr. Richard: Jetlag [Dr. Richard remix]

Скачать: HERE

☼ Alois Huber - Found / Amazing / Amatric

Alois Huber, a multiplex workaholic in various parallel genres as an organizer, producer, social engineer, co-founder and the big soul of Laton's backstage. Ex-member of Sabotage Communications und Craft records. Austria's Grand-Master of deep minimal ambient electronica simplicity as well as creator of mad driven disco turban breaks for the inner- and outer space, released 6 full-length solo albums and did a hand full of compilation contribution over the last decade on such labels like React, K7!, Craft, Sabotage beside Laton, which he initially founded together wit Pomassl. He played various spectacular live shows and did several club-tours all over the globe.

Год: 1996-1998
Страна: Austria
Лейбл: Craft / Laton

☼ Alois Huber - Found 12''

01. Onotut (4:41)
02. Others (5:36)
03. Vul Qx (3:53)
04. Sit Dub (4:59)
05. Vul Qx [ambient version] (7:47)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Alois Huber - Amazing 12''

01. USE (5:45)
02. JGO (4:30)
03. Otron (7:35)
04. Vul Qx [Fdmix 04:10 Remix -"Vul Qx" by F. Dorninger] (5:08)
05. STT (4:49)
06. OFU (4:52)
07. Lost [remix by Rupert Huber / Tosca] (7:33)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Alois Huber - Amatric 12''

01. H6 (5:53)
02. H8 (8:40)
03. EZK (4:12)
04. ZS (4:37)
05. ZKS (8:09)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Алекс Сильванни - Электроорган

Spanish elektro-organ melodies by way of Russia. Put this on the next time you're sipping Piña Coladas during a blizzard. All songs licensed from Hispavox (Spain)

Год: 1979
Страна: Russia

01. Disco Stomp (3:38)
02. Sabato Pomeriggio (4:33)
03. Para Que No Me Olvides (3:41)
04. Sereno E... (4:06)
05. Dance With Me (3:07)
06. Amore Grande (3:20)
07. El Gondolero (4:03)
08. I'm On Fire (2:20)
09. Dolannes Melodie (4:01)
10. Fly, Robin, Fly (3:52)

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☼ Krępulec / Cold Fusion - Parabellum

3"CD in special packaging. Limited to 66 pieces.

Год: 2003
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: Beast Of Prey

01. Krępulec: Parabellum (12:02)
02. Cold Fusion: Parabellum (10:53)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Krępulec - 63 Days (Part V)

Another excellent release from Krępulec! This time the tracks are devoted to the Warsaw civilians who died on August 5th 1944. Approximately 45,500 civilians were killed that day. This EP commemorates the tragic event. Limited to 300 pieces.

Год: 2006
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: Fluttering Dragon

01. Marsz Śródmieścia (1:50)
02. Baon AK 'ZOŚKA' (4:29)
03. Raport Stroopa (5:58)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Arditi - Destiny of Iron

Arditi, (Swedish duo, H. Möller & M. Björkman) taps further into the darker tones of militaristic neo-classical ambiance that has become the band's trademark . Ever effective in their use of crushing orchestrations and evocative speeches, Arditi drags the listener around muddy trenches, and casting an hypnotizing veil over the turmoil of warfare-inspired industrial soundscapes.
This 7'' single was limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2006
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Equilibrium Music

01. Destiny Of Iron (4:42)
02. Struggle For Victory (4:56)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Jurassic Jade - A Cradle Song

Since the 8''flexi was well received, I thought I'd add their first 7'' -- Enjoy!

Год: 1986
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Eχpløsion Records

01. 精神病質 (3:06)
02. Go to the Dogs (5:31)
03. A Cradle Song (3:20)

Скачать: HERE


☼ Crumbsuckers - Life of Dreams

Like New York City contemporaries such as Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags, the Crumbsuckers were one of the original purveyors of 1980's crossover: the bridging of metal and hardcore that temporarily united the two divergent tribes of metalheads and punks into one, bloody, unified mosh pit. Getting their start in 1983, the band were soon an integral part of New York's Lower East Side-based hardcore scene, cutting their teeth at the legendary dive A7 before moving on to CBGB's famed Sunday matinees, as they and the movement gained strength. Come 1986, the Crumbsuckers consisted of vocalist Chris Notaro (ex-Krackdown), guitarists Dave Wynn and Chuck Lenihan, bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson, and delivered their Life of Dreams debut into a peeking crossover craze. A strong if rather conventional example of the genre, the Life of Dreams LP features a wall of razor-sharp thrash guitars, manic drum-work, and punk-grown social and political criticism, culminating in the standout "Super Tuesday," which criticizes the 1984 presidential election.

Год: 1986
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Rough Justice (UK)

01. Sit There (1:03)
02. Trapped (2:18)
03. Interlude (2:14)
04. Super Tuesday (1:01)
05. Shits Creek (2:12)
06. Return To The Womb (1:33)
07. Longest War (1:55)
08. Shot Down (0:53)
09. Prelude (2:40)
10. Life Of Dreams (2:18)
11. Brainwashed (3:13)
12. Faces Of Death (1:27)
13. Hub Run (2:27)
14. Bullshit Society (2:04)
15. Live To Work (1:27)
16. Moment Of Silence / War Hyde (3:57)

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☼ Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three - Old South Jamboree

Chip Hanna was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is a fact you will eventually come to understand if you listen to his original material. Chippy Hanna is a country boy. Now coming into his own musically after years of touring the world as drummer for punk stalwarts U.S. Bombs and One Man Army, Chip is returned to the roots that he never quite left, this time packin’ a flattop Martin acoustic guitar. While born in Baton Rouge, Chippy grew up in the rural community of Pride, Louisiana. In the woods… In a house trailer… A house trailer that was brand-spankin’ new when he was six years old, but had seen better days by the time he left Louisiana at age 22. Chippy’s mother, Martha Hanna, would sing at country music jamborees and on the country radio station WYNK, when the station would broadcast local country music shows… Mrs. Hanna even shared the bill with Loretta Lynn once… Quite a big deal for a small child… Chip Hanna remembers every bit of it… Chip Hanna remembers his roots. As soon as he opens his mouth to sing, the listener discovers immediately... Chip Hanna IS the real deal!

Год: 2008
Страна: USA
Лейбл: People Like You Records (Germany)

01. Beetle Boot (3:37)
02. Light a Fire (1:55)
03. Jesus ain't Gone (2:57)
04. Carson Road (2:29)
05. Beer Drinkin´ Woman (2:43)
06. The Chosen One (2:47)
07. Wasting My Time (2:33)
08. Old South Jamboree (2:53)
09. Interstate 10 (2:35)
10. Gunfighter's Blood (2:23)
11. New York City (2:31)
12. Party Line (3:59)
13. One More Song (2:02)
14. Barrell of My Gun (2:04)

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☼ Penal Colony - 5 Man Job

What began as a 5 song EP evolved into PC's second long-player in 1995. A remix enhanced-CD (5 Man Job) that included alternate renditions of their material by the likes of Front Line Assembly, Psychic TV, Spahn Ranch, THD, and Leatherstrip.

Год: 1995
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Cleopatra

01. CD-ROM for Macs only (included)
02. Freemasons of Enochian Magick (Jack The Crowley Mix)
03. Third Life (Time Center Remix)
04. Umbilical (Security 23rd World Remix)
05. Blue 9 (Free Me Remee)
06. Among The Living (Trancendental Repression Remix)
07. Halidified (Naked Men Only Remix)
08. Third Life (Sweeping The Floor Remix)
09. Blue 9 (Sin Trip Remix)
10. Freemasons of Enochian Magick (Fallen Angels Remix)
11. Extremist (Parallel Qabal Remix)
12. When The Veins On The Back Of My Legs Hurt, It's Time To Stop (Fish Monkey Remix)
13. Reconciled (No Remorse Remix)
14. Extremist (Floor Power)

★ that's the track listing, but Cleopatra screwed up this release and omitted one of the music tracks. no one has ever been able to figure out which track is not on the disc... so, even though the track list is 14 (13 music) it's really 13 (12 music).

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ G.I.S.M. - SoniCRIME TheRapy

SoniCRIME TheRapy seems to be a compilation of various tracks and ideas of G.I.S.M from over the last 10 years. Some stuff is actually familiar from the Gai Individual Social Mean video that came out in 1995. Also, most of the material sounds like its from different eras. Stylistically, most tracks are late 80's thrash metal-ish with hints of noise. Sakevi's trademark growls and an ultra-nasty production lift this way way way above average. There are a lot of dark and weird non-typical intervals in and between tracks. Essential!

Год: 2001
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Beast Arts

01. Dual Improvisations for Hypochondriac (7:30)
02. KI-1 (4:59)
03. RUNS-2 (4:46)
04. KI-4 (3:12)
05. RUNS-3 (4:26)
06. RUNS-1 (4:49)
07. RU-3 (5:07)
08. KI-2 (4:06)
09. KI-5 (4:08)
10. RU-1 (4:11)
11. KI-3 (5:23)
12. Phenomenal Exile in Schizophrenic Patients (8:03)
13. Untitled Bonus Track #1 (0:47)
14. Untitled Bonus Track #2 (12:31)

The abbreviated titles are of who wrote the songs:
※ RU = Randy Uchida
※ RUNS = Randy Uchida and Sakevi
※ KI = Kiichi Takahashi.

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Alan Vega (ex-Suicide) - Station

One half of the seminal electronic duo Suicide, Alan Vega was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1948. He began his career as a visual artist, gaining notoriety for his "light sculptures; " eventually Vega opened his own lower Manhattan gallery space, which he dubbed the Project of Living Artists. The Project served as a stomping grounds for the likes of the New York Dolls, Television and Blondie as well as the 15-piece jazz group Reverend B., which featured a musician named Martin Rev on electric piano. Soon, Vega and Rev formed Suicide, whose minimalist, aggressive music — a fusion of Rev's ominous, repetitive keyboards and Vega's rockabilly snarl — helped paved the direction for the electronic artists of the future.
Suicide disbanded in 1980, and both Vega and Rev undertook solo careers.

Год: 2007
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Blast First (UK)

01. Freedom's Smashed (5:27)
02. Station Station (5:40)
03. Psychopatha (5:48)
04. Crime Street Cree (6:08)
05. Traceman (5:19)
06. Gun God Game (5:51)
07. 13 Crosses, 16 Blazin' Skulls (5:24)
08. S.S.Eyes (6:18)
09. Why Couldn't It Be You (4:31)
10. Warrior, Fight Fa Ya Life (5:09)
11. Devastated (6:35)

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☼ Fancy - Get Your Kicks

Italo-disco from the '80s. Fancy (Manfred Perilano) smothers the unsuspecting listener with silky L2 romance: “All I want is holding you / hugging and protecting you / Turn up the beating of your heart / It's like a transmutation / I want you never to be a lady of ice.” See what Fancy did there? He wants the lady of ice (the hugging her, the climbing invisible mountains with her, and so forth — all the best a clearly impotent man has to offer), but he doesn't want her to be a lady of ice. This is a dilemma with which all men can identify, underpinning the timeless universality of Fancy's message. Dee-licious!

Год: 1985
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Metronome (Germany)

01. Colder Than Ice (6:5:06)
02. Get Your Kicks (5:32)
03. L.A.D.Y O. (4:20)
04. Slice Me Nice (5:27)
05. Chinese Eyes (5:50)
06. Check It Out (6:56)
07. Blood And Honey (6:14)
08. In Shock (5:40)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ G.B.H. - Attack And Revenge By City Baby's: Definite G.B.H. Collection

G.B.H. started to play in Birmingham around 1980. In 1981 they were signed to Clay Records, and released the Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne 12'' and shortly therafter the No Survivors 7'' and Sick Boy7''. In 1982 Clay collected the 12'' and 7'' singles and released them on a single release called Leater, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boy. In the same year they also released City Baby Attacked By Rats, and in 1983 released City Babys Revenge both would become the band's most successful albums of all time. Under this period G.B.H. hade their musical big time. But then something happen in 1984... they released the 12'' single Do What You Do and then in 1986 the LP Midnight Madness And Beyond. Those albums were not received very well by the fans, many calling them flat out horrible. G.B.H. had left Clay Records and signed with Rough Justice, and just like all punk bands in the middle of the 80's, they totally flipped out. According to fans, there was no more feeling, no more aggression, no more hardcore punk. G.B.H. continued to release "horrible" records such as No Need To Panic in 1987, Wot A Bargin in 1988, A Fridge To Far in 1989, From Here To Reality in 1990 and Church Of The Truly Warped in 1992. After Rough Justice gave em the boot, it took several years before signing with the German record label We Bite.
In an interview, Colin asked all the fans not to buy any of the records that Clay put out because G.B.H. have nothing to do with those records. He said to only buy the live albums: Live in Japan and Live in LA because they are official releases.
Welp, here's the 'crème da la crème' of G.B.H. some might say, so, enjoy.

Год: 1982-1984 / 1986
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Clay Records

01. Time Bomb (2:29)
02. Sick Boy (2:33)
03. War Dogs (1:30)
04. Slut (2:32)
05. Maniac (2:11)
06. Gunned Down (2:34)
07. I Am The Hunted (2:48)
08. City Baby Attacked By Rats (2:28)
09. The Prayer Of A Realist (2:23)
10. Passenger On The Menu (2:46)
11. Heavy Discipline (2:09)
12. Boston Babies (1:59)
13. Bellend Bop (5:09)
14. Diplomatic Immunity (2:16)
15. Drugs Party In 526 (2:37)
16. See The Man Run (2:16)
17. Vietnamese Blues (3:56)
18. Womb With A View (2:57)
19. The Forbidden Zone (3:08)
20. Valley Of Death (3:09)
21. City Baby's Revenge (3:40)
22. Pins And Needles (3:34)
23. Christianised Cannibals (2:43)
24. Faster Faster (2:55)
25. High Octane Fuel (3:15)
26. I Feel Alright [The Stooges cover] (3:41)

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☼ Exclipsect - Pulse.Modulation

Exclipsect (Mason Yarnell) offers a fantastic journey into ambient and noise. Harsh rhythms mixed with ambient drones and effects to create a wonderful mix. For Ant-Zen fanatics.

Год: 2000
Страна: Canada
Лейбл: Frozen Empire Media

01. Resona Reflect (3:43)
02. Syringe Signal Contour (5:11)
03. Pulse Modulation (5:55)
04. Export Nine (5:33)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Foresta di Ferro - Bury Me Standing

Foresta di Ferro is Marco Deplano (Wertham), John Murphy (SPK, Current 93, Shining Vril, Knifeladder, Death in June, etc...), and Richard Leviathan (Ostara). Bury Me Standing is an astounding release sculpted out of samples, swathes of atmosphere and song. It's subtitled "the soundtrack for an imaginary docu-drama about faith, misfortune and fanaticism". It's an intelligent piece of work that encompasses Yukio Mishima, kamikaze pilots, suicide-murderer-martyrs ... A sombre atmosphere prevails that captures the sound of cities ravaged by war, but conversely celebrate the compassion of people and the commitment of fanatics of all stripes.

Год: 2003
Страна: Australia / Italy / UK
Лейбл: Hau Ruck!

Содержание:01. Bury Me Standing (7:32)
02. Harmony Of Pen And Sword (6:14)
03. Oak Leaf (4:08)
04. La Ultime Gnot (6:10)
05. Kshatrya [Ain Soph cover] (4:36)
06. Militia Christi (6:59)
07. On The Marble Cliffs (5:51)
08. Seppelliscimi In Piedi (3:22)
09. Terra (4:57)
10. Fronte San Vittore (A Tutte Le Anime Criminali) (3:52)

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☼ V/Vm - Sick-Love

More sick'n'twisted wacky wackiness from the V/Vm geezer. The style is metamusic, musical commentary on music. Butchered love songs in this case. Love it or hate it!

Год: 2000
Страна: UK
Лейбл: V/Vm Test Records

01. The Best Baby (1:51)
02. Stay Annuva Day (4:25)
03. The Lady In Red (Is Dancing With Meat) (4:09)
04. I Need Lard (4:12)
05. Goodiepal's _ _ _ _ s (Edit) (0:56)
06. Only You Ba Da Da Da (3:18)
07. Two Can Play That Gammon (2:33)
08. Just The Way You Are xx (4:36)
09. Say Nothing At All (3:35)
10. Take My Beef Away (4:06)
11. Sex You Up (0:50)
12. Words...... (4:01)
13. The Other Side (3:27)
14. For Evver And Evva (3:35)
15. A Perfect Moment (3:30)
16. Blue Thighs (Baby's Got) (3:47)
17. Do You Want To Know A Sick-Rat? (2:06)
18. Spud Girls Two Become 1 (3:53)
19. Angels (3:56)
20. Mama Mia Tordis (1:37)
21. On My Own Why Did It End... (4:31)
22. Imagine (3:02)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

Tracks that were only available for a limited time.

Год: 2000
Страна: UK
Лейбл: V/Vm Web

01. Up Where We Belong (3:54)
02. Heartbreaker (4:16)
03. Hello, Is It Meat You're Looking For? (2:48)
04. How Deep Is Your Lard (4:02)
05. Never Too Much (3:51)
06. Every Loser Wins (3:13)
07. True (5:29 V/Vm Sick-Love Web-clusives
08. Total Eclipse of the Heart (5:25)
09. When I Fall In Love (3:10)
10. Sexual Rehealed (1:13)
11. Goodbye (3:22)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ March of Heroes - March for Glory

March of Heroes is a French martial industrial project, begun in late 2006 by Romain L., March for Glory is the debut album. Atmospheric neo-classical music inspired by events from World War II, especially the war between Russia and Germany. The concept behind this album is to describe all aspects of this terrible conflict, including heroism, brutality, desolation, propaganda, sadness. Musically speaking, March of Heroes is reminiscent of acts such as Sophia or Karjalan Sissit. A must have for lovers of Military industrial tunes.

Год: 2007
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: Rage In Eden (France)

01. Prolog (3:07)
02. March For Glory (3:15)
03. Motherland Calls (2:40)
04. Among Ashes And Ruins (5:56)
05. The Last Strike Of Heroes (4:48)
06. Wind Of Destruction (4:27)
07. The Enemy Must Fall (5:46)
08. In Memory Of The Fallen Ones (5:46)
09. Victory Is Our Fate (4:26)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Marsen Jules - Golden

Marsen Jules is the instrumental/ambient project of Martin Juhls from Dortmund, Germany.

Год: 2007
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Genesungswerk

01. Birkengeflüster (6:25)
02. Während (7:08)
03. Golden (5:07)
04. In Einem Raum Mit Dir (4:43)
05. An Einem Wintermorgen (6:53)
06. Von Hier Nach Dort (5:44)
07. Contenance (8:08)
08. Coeur Saignant [w/Trio Yara] (7:56)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (February 2004) is the second album released by indie rock band Liars. The album takes the form of a very loose concept album concerning witchcraft upon The Brocken (a mountain) during Walpurgis Night, and tales of witch trials in the area around the Harz Mountains in Germany. The recording coincided with the band's relocation from the Williamsburg, Brooklyn scene which spawned them to the woods of rural New Jersey, which also inspired the initial direction of the album. The focus upon the Brocken legends came when one of the band members mistakenly entered "Brocken Witch" into a search engine while researching the song "Broken Witch". Stylistically, the album lies between the gritty dance-punk and ethereal neo-no-wave. The album received very bad reviews of almost every leading music magazine and website, and sold badly compared to their earlier releases.

Год: 2004
Страна: USA
Лейбл: mutecorp

01. Brocken Witch (6:10)
02. Steam Rose from the Lifeless Cloak (2:50)
03. There's Always Room on the Broom (3:05)
04. If You're A Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses? (2:11)
05. We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own (5:27)
06. They Don't Want Your Corn - They Want Your Kids (2:39)
07. Read The Book That Wrote Itself (3:09)
08. Hold Hands And It Will Happen Anyway (4:51)
09. They Took 14 For The Rest of Our Lives (4:09)
10. Flow My Tears, The Spiders Said (6:10)

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☼ The Golden Palominos - The Golden Palominos

The Golden Palominos were an American musical group headed by drummer and composer Anton Fier, first formed in 1981. Apart from Fier, the Palominos membership was wildly elastic. While the Palominos records usually featured a core set of musicians and emotional feel though the bulk of an album, various guest appearances would result in some stylistic changes from track to track.

Год: 1983
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Celluloid

01. Clean Plate (6:28)
Bass - Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Drum Programming [Dmx] - Michael Beinhorn
Drums - Anton Fier
Guitar, Violin - Fred Frith
Percussion - Anton Fier , David Moss
Saxophone, Clarinet - John Zorn
Vocals - Arto Lindsay
Written By - Arto Lindsay
02. Hot Seat (5:14)
Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming [Dmx] - Anton Fier
Guitar - Arto Lindsay
Saxophone, Clarinet - John Zorn
Vocals - M.E. Miller*
Written By - Charles K. Noyes , Mark E. Miller
03. Under The Cap (5:33)
Drums - Anton Fier
Percussion - David Moss
Saxophone, Clarinet - John Zorn
Vocals, Guitar - Arto Lindsay
Written By - Arto Lindsay
04. Monday Night (6:31)
Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming [Dmx] - Anton Fier
Guitar - Arto Lindsay , Nicky Skopelitis
Saxophone, Clarinet - John Zorn
Vocals - Arto Lindsay , Thi-Linh Le
Written By - Arto Lindsay
05. Cookout (4:38)
Drum Programming [Dmx] - Anton Fier
Other [Records] - Roger Trilling
Piano - Michael Beinhorn
Turntables, Strings [Piano] - Bill Laswell
06. I.D. (6:45)
Drums, Percussion - Anton Fier
Guitar - Arto Lindsay , Fred Frith , Nicky Skopelitis
Saxophone, Clarinet - John Zorn
Vocals - Arto Lindsay
Written By - Arto Lindsay
07. Two Sided Fist (7:45)
Bass - Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Drums - Anton Fier
Guitar, Violin - Fred Frith
Percussion - David Moss
Saxophone, Clarinet - John Zorn
Vocals - Arto Lindsay
Written By - Arto Lindsay , Fred Frith

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☼ Aaron Sutcliffe - Last Train To Salinas

In the world of Aaron Sutcliffe (Eskil Simonsson & Johan Malmgren) alternative club music and Elvis Presley do not only exist side by side, in fact they work very well together. When Aaron's voice is woven together with electronic grooves and distinctive beats, exciting music evolves as if it was the King in a new suit. Weird electronic versions of Elvis Presley songs.

Год: 2002
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: SubSpace Communications

01. Memories (3:21)
02. Fever (5:05)
03. Anyway You Want Me (2:53)
04. Can't Help Falling In Love (6:47)
05. Surrender (3:10)
06. Kentucky Rain (4:28)
07. Unchained Melody (3:03)
08. It's Now Or Never (5:06)
09. She's Not You (3:52)
10. Viva Las Vegas (4:14)
11. Love Letters (2:51)

Скачать: HERE
pw: elvis.is.king


☼ Brethren - Savage Inequalities

Hailing from Ohio, Brethren's (David Rodgers) full-length debut offers ten original power electronics assaults with violently shouted, unprocessed vocals, (think Slogun) leaving no doubt in the listener's mind that Brethren means business. Semi structured, but abrasive heavy electronics, not afraid to take head-on subjects deemed controversial and/or politically incorrect by any standards. Brethren's outspoken political views are insanely represented by the brutal electronics and thought disturbing lyrics.
Let this be an extremely stern warning... this is not for the timid, easily manipulated, feeble minded, ignorant or easily offended. This blog neither condemn nor condone the views expressed by this artist's material.

Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Freak Animal (Finland)

01. Freedom (5:12)
02. Bloodland (5:53)
03. Alien Nation (4:53)
04. We Have Come To Purify (4:03)
05. Swarm Of Ignorance (4:56)
06. Hail AIDS (3:38)
07. The Light (2:50)
08. Not For You (4:06)
09. Cold Slavery (5:37)
10. Criminal (7:42)

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☼ Sweet Tooth - Soft White Underbelly / Crash Live

Sweet Tooth formed as an Anglo-American power trio in the late 1980's with an already notable pedigree. Drummer Scott Kiehl had relocated from his native Chicago to hook up with the UK act Slab, bringing with him his jazz drumming background. Dave Cochrane had originally formed Head of David (subsequently covered by Fear Factory who had a minor hit with 'Dog Day Sunrise') with Justin Broadrick in Birmingham back in 1984.
Sweet Tooth came into existence after Cochrane departed Head of David and Kiehl quit Slab. Calls for Broadrick to join them were answered and Sweet Tooth was born in mid 1989. After a set of dark and dirty rehearsals, the band entered Falconer Studios in London in March 1990 with noted producer Grant Showbiz (Smiths, The, Fall, The, Billy Bragg) and recorded the few tracks that make up 'Soft White Underbelly.' Released in August of 1990 the record met with critical if not commercial success, with its mixture of weird jazz structure and harsh sound layers encrusted with a top heavy sound. However, as is the way with these things, Broadrick's subsequent rise with Godflesh and other projects meant that Sweet Tooth has now become a cult item for many of the man's admirers.

Год: 1990-1993
Страна: UK/USA
Лейбл: Staindrop Records / hEADdIRT

☼ Sweet Tooth - Soft White Underbelly mLP

01. Fat City (4:12)
02. Kitty Fists (4:15)
03. Sugarcane (4:25)
04. Ultimate Muscle Bible (3:59)
05. Reducer (6:26)
06. Soul Shark (9:41)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Sweet Tooth - Crash Live

01. King Carrion (6:22)
02. Sandman (4:11)
03. Crash (7:37)
04. Fat City (4:40)
05. Sugar Cane (4:48)
06. Suckerpunch (5:28)
07. Iceman (1:01)
08. Dragnet (5:38)

Скачать: BOTH

☼ Post Scriptvm - Распадъ / Chiaroscvro / Sea-Green Series: Chapter V

Post Scriptvm from Brooklyn create dark ambient landscapes that immediately gives you an uneasy feeling. Industrial, noisy distortion, metal percussion, weird sampled voices, hypnotic and overwhelming, it hauls you into a contorted world of madness, contrasting and also supporting the semi-industrial ambience. Post Scriptvm manages to radiate a strong grotesque atmosphere. While sometimes disturbing, the music is highly compelling and one gets easily absorbed in the weird, perverted realm of the illbient soundscapes.

Год: 2004-2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Tesco Organisation / Stridulum Recordings / Gazoline

☼ Post Scriptvm - Распадъ

01. Crepusculum (10:49)
02. Declension (6:17)
03. Purge Echelon (6:35)
04. Ruins Of Men (6:59)
05. Exacerbation (5:34)
06. Fever Dream (10:48)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Post Scriptvm - Chiaroscvro / Sea-Green Series: Chapter V

Limited to 100 pieces, and 99 pieces.

〜 Chiaroscvro 〜
01. Untitled (2:08)
02. Untitled (7:27)
03. Untitled (1:28)
04. Untitled (9:44)
〜 Sea-Green Series: Chapter V 〜
01. Untitled (20:52)

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☼ Hegemon - Contemptous Mundi

Black metal nihilism from France.

: 2008
: France
: Season of Mist

01. Itenou Pedjet (5:52)
02. Because of War, because of Men (4:33)
03. Asakku (5:58)
04. Felix qui potuit Rerum cognoscere Causas (4:24)
05. Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani (5:00)
06. Proskynese (5:21)
07. Aî Abur Shapû (6:06)
08. Contemptus Mundi (5:56)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Schlammpeitziger - Freundlichbaracudaremix 10''EP / Spacerokkmountainrutschquartier LP

Schlammpeitziger is Jo Zimmerman. His music possesses a seemingly simplistic charm, reminiscent of much of the material of Harmonia and Cluster, and yet with his own undeniable lo-fi sensibility. The name Schlammpeitziger apparently originates from some form of mudfish which has the ability to breathe through its anus; how this benefits mankind is still to be discovered but Jo has apparently made the tenuous connection and wants us to be aware of the possibilities. The Köln music scene produces truly idiosyncratic artists. Any release from the A-Musik label is especially worth investigating. If you liked the previous Kreidler, L@N, Holosud, then you must have this, too.

Год: 1996-1997
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: A-Musik

☼ Schlammpeitziger - Freundlichbaracudaremix 10''EP

01. Mango Und Papaja Auf Tobago [Mouse On Mars remix] (4:40)
02. Eine Wolke Im Wald [Marcus Schmickler remix] (2:16)
03. Gezischel Im Fremdorient [F.X. Randomiz remix] (3:03)
04. Mango Und Papaja Auf Tobago [Sweet Reinhard remix] (8:05)

☼ Schlammpeitziger - Spacerokkmountainrutschquartier LP

01. Hirnrindenritt (5:09)
02. Honkytonk Schlickummpittz (4:50)
03. Hallimaschbomba Im Kreisverkehr (5:13)
04. Dieläyouda (5:40)
05. Bienenkopfkorbgeflecht (5:09)
06. Mausefaltenfripp (4:01)
07. Spacerokkmountainrutsch (3:59)
08. Discoboingbeach (4:48)

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☼ Datathief - Special Collection (by request)

Datathief are Manchester natives Brian Flanagan and Mike Hopkins. They redesign relentless analog soundscapes, harmonies, and unmethodical rhythms that overwhelm your senses to pure synthetic bliss. A dark electro-charged style of IDM.

※ This is a special collection of the Datathief (and related) trax I was able to find quickly. I know I have more, but I wanted to post something as soon as possible since it was requested by someone who has enjoyed the one track I have playing on the blog. The following are all MP4.

Год: 1997-2001
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Orange / Device / Subconscious Geography / Skam / V/Vm Test Records / Public / Rice And Beans / Beta Bodega

〜 VA.\Map One - Contaminated by Technique 〜
01. Claire Sinclive: Misery (6:12)
〜 VA.\Banana Republic Volume 3: Mata De Cacao 〜
02. Datathief: Noid (6:20)
〜 Bandwidth 12'' 〜
03. Datathief: Bandwidth (4:05)
04. Datathief: Fall of the Silicon Empire (6:27)
05. Datathief: Gelb (5:47)
06. Datathief: Kaya [Hexadecimtor mix] (7:25)
07. Datathief: Spaz (0:49)
〜 Internet-only Release 〜
08. Datathief: Blue [vocal mix] (6:20)
〜 VA.\Privileged Frames for Reference 〜
09. Datathief - Kaya [Datathief vs. Jega] (5:45)
〜 VA.\Psychological Operations In Guerilla Warfare 〜
10. Datathief: Advances Social Engineering (3:48)
〜 VA.\0161 〜
11. Datathief: Night Raid (5:03)
〜 Device Rider 12'' 〜
12. Gique: Coolwarezdude (4:17)
13. Gique: Device Rider (5:32)
14. Gique: Warezmaster [Mat 101 remix] (5:06)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Archon Satani - In Shelter

A dark ritual project, playing eerie and haunting industrial ambient music with a satanic background, obsessive percussions and frightening demonic voices. The original line-up consisted of Tomas Pettersson and Mikael Stravöstrand. They worked together from 1990 to 1993, then the former went on to form Ordo Equilibrio, while the latter continued under the name Archon Satani, as well as with his other project Inanna.

Год: 1994
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Dark Vinyl Records

01. Sheltering - Offering (16:01)
02. Fleshseed (11:39)
03. Deadbeat (16:59)
04. Entering An Soul (10:23)
05. ....In Abhorence (13:56)

Скачать 320k: HERE


☼ VA.\De Arte Moriendi - Bardo Thödol Compilation

First release from the infamous Misty Circles cassette label!

Год: 1986
Страна: International
Лейбл: Misty Circles (Italy)

01. Lyke Wake: The Long Last Dream (5:44)
02. Giancarlo Toniutti: Mikro-Organon Rudimentale Erettile (12:45)
03. Lyke Wake: Over the Raised Fists (7:22)
04. Shadow of Doubt: Orchidee Spontanee (6:50)
05. Sigillum S.: Flesh Collapsing in Waves (14:32)
06. Ain Soph: Lapis Niger (7:37)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Anaesth - I

Anaesth is Stéphane Rolland, but the ties to Rudy R. Wumpscut will probably clue you in to what kind of music this is. Anaesth proves to be another strong release for Mental Ulcer Forges. Symphonic string arrangements, beautiful and intensely cold melodic string progressions infused with minimal synthetics and percussive aspects. Vocals have a cleaner, more natural edge contrasted by the occasional abrasively ravenous overtones in the chorus regions. Anaesth utilizes some original points that makes it stand apart from others.

Год: 1999
Страна: France
Лейбл: Mental Ulcer Forges (Germany)

01. !NnoWwarMmix! (6:59)
02. Kdk121 (11:36)
03. Sol Y Niebla (5:32)
04. Xwropa (6:38)
05. Colère Triste (8:28)
06. Imag Ee (5:30)
07. JC In Tears (3:55)
08. Dedfunkt (14:54)
09. Kdk122 (4:39)
10. Harsh Kurve (5:48)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Muslimgauze - Uzbekistani Bizzare and Souk

Bryn Jones was not a practicing Muslim and never went to the Middle East. His recordings as Muslimgauze, however, qualified him as one of the Western artists most explicitly slanted. The Muslimgauze project ended in 1999 when Jones died suddenly of a rare blood disease.
This release was obtained by sending a blank DAT along with a portion of the insert (which became the release's j-card) from the digipak edition of 'Return of Black September' to Staalplaat.
This is directly from the DAT.
(BTW: a link to "Hebron Massacre" is available in the comments. thanks to african @ We Have No Zen!)

Год: 1996
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Staalplaat (Netherlands)

01. Abdul's Halal (4:38)
02. Takfir Wa Higra (4:56)
03. With Indian Rope (4:28)
04. Glass Mughal (3:04)
05. The Iranian Who Found Allah (7:53)
06. Harijana (3:07)
07. Rouge Amin Fraction (4:42)
08. Glass Mughal (2:44)
09. Takfir Ma Higra (4:49)
10. Abdul's Halal (3:19)
11. Paper Gulag (3:32)
12. Paper Gulag (3:01)
13. Leboneeze (9:52)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
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☼ Controlled Bleeding - Penetration

More CB! If I didn't know better, I would have sworn this was the usual coterie of Wax Trax! sickos, with Hypo Luxa and Hermes Pan at the helm. Turns out, the Controlled Bleeding guys were just hanging out in NY with the Manufacture guys, and decided to give the whole 'electro-ebm-industrial' thing a shot.
Bounce with the bunny. Strut with the duck. Spin with the chickens now -- CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK!

Год: 1992
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Third Mind Records

01. Blessed Is The Burning Room (4:45)
02. Now Is The Time (3:44)
03. Auto-Grind [Vocal Mix] (4:46)
04. Consecration's Will (4:44)
05. Dead Man Reality (4:28)
06. In Penetration [J.A.T.H. remix] (3:34)
07. Will To Power [And Throwin' Down] (4:42)
08. Praying In Fire (7:08)
09. Scrap Metal [Part 3 - Live] (3:47)
10. Awakened Beneath The Ground (6:44)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Controlled Bleeding - The Poisoner

Some more CB. Nice long soundscapes to loose yourself in the dark.

Год: 1997
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Soleilmoon Recordings

01. Part One (33:40)
02. Part Two (25:21)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Blackhouse - Five Minutes After I Die

Blackhouse are an oddity in the Industrial scene, because their music features Christian themes and lyrics! The duo of Ivo Cutler & Sterling Cross come from the heart of Mormon country, Salt Lake City, and have baffled the scene since they began opposing the libertine power electronics of Whitehouse with their Bible-obsessed messages. Unlike bland Xian pop, Blackhouse preach the good word over the wicked sounds of raw beats and harsh electronix. They see no contradiction in their art, because as they say: "There is no war more holy than the fight for peace."
I always thought they were just being cheeky. I appreciate the underlying sickness of religion, so I don't frown upon mocking it, and thought Blackhouse was the same.

Год: 1986
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Ladd-Frith

01. Five Minutes After I Die (18:01)
02. His Zion (2:40)
03. Halo Hearth (1:16)
04. Answers For You (5:15)
05. A Thousands Tongues (2:17)
06. Numerology (2:48)
07. Five Minutes After I Die (Reprise) (11:43)

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☼ Controlled Bleeding - Golgotha

Here's some more CB. I have far from a complete discography, but, of the ones I do have, I will add the ones I like most... except for this one. For some reason, I don't like it as much as the others I have. It would have made a great 32min.43sec. "Scourge / Swoon" EP! But, as a full length, I'm not feeling it. It sounds like two completely different eras, and they just don't mix for my tastes. (btw, I find Paul Lemos to be the Michael McDonald of industrial music... I'd like to hear him do a cover of "What a Fool Believes'" or "Takin’ It to the Streets" -- ain't I funny? No, I ain't.)

Год: 1991
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Staalplaat (Netherlands)

01. Swoon (6:30)
02. Standing In Twilight (7:26)
03. Scourge (26:11)
04. Aftermath (3:21)
05. Awakened [Beneath the Ground] (7:34)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ 8-Eyed Spy (Lydia Lunch) - 8-Eyed Spy

I love everything Ms. Lunch releases, because I love being tortured. But, 8-Eyed Spy was actually a more 'listenable' venture for her. So much so, she ditched the band right after they had recorded the five studio tracks that are on this release. She hated 8-Eyed Spy, which was formed as an alternative to Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, and Beirut Slump. Shortly after she dumped the band, one of its members, George Scott, died, so that was it. The label, rather than release those five studio tracks as an EP, decided to add a bunch of live tracks, and that's what you have here.

Год: 1981
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Fetish Records

01. Diddy Wah Diddy (2:19)
02. Lazy In Love (2:28)
03. Love Split (2:10)
04. Dead You B Side Me (3:40)
05. Swamp (0:57)
06. Run Through The Jungle (5:26)
07. Motor Oil Shanty (4:30)
08. You Twist I Shout (2:31)
09. Looking For Someone (2:40)
10. Lightning's Girl (3:07)
11. Innocence (1:25)
12. Boy Meets Girl (1:58)
13. 2 Square (2:36)
14. I Want Candy (2:05)
15. Ran Away Dark (1:51)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Morphogenesis - Prochronisms LP

Morphogenesis, made up of: Clive Graham, Roger Sutherland, Ron Briefel, Micha, Fred Sansom, and Andy Courdry, was formed in 1985. They were interested in exploring the possibilities of live electronics and collective improvisation. The members have diverse musical backgrounds, including teaching electonic music at Morley College and playing in other groups ranging from Cornelius Cardew's Scratch Orchestra, Nurse with Wound and Organum.

Год: 1989
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Pogus Productions (USA)

01. Improvisation 26.8.87 (4:46)
02. Improvisation 11.11.88 (13:11)
03. Improvisation 1.9.88 (5:28)
04. Lamination No. 9 (2:31)
05. Improvisation 11.11.88 (11:45)
06. Improvisation 12.1.89 (8:10)

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☼ :Golgatha: - Kydos 〜 Reflections On Heroism

Kydos 〜 Reflections On Heroism, is a powerful and very effective album. :Golgatha:'s intent was to create music inspired by war in the 20th century. :Golgatha: has successfully followed up their debut album, Wasteland, with an accomplished and effective album. This release also demonstrates an evolution in the sound of :Golgatha:, as the band has embraced music and influences beyond the reach of their debut. Having kept the dark ambient soundscapes that defined Wasteland, :Golgatha: have successfully incorporated elements of neo-folk and martial, thus expanding the range and scope of their music. Also, the occasional vocal adds a nice poetic narrative quality that was previously only available in cut and paste sound clips.

Год: 2005
Страна: France
Лейбл: Athanor

01. Death March (3:14)
02. Fields Of Honour (3:18)
03. Kamikaze (4:41)
04. Icarus (3:33)
05. Worldserpent (4:03)
06. Heldentag [Sol Invictus cover] (3:36)
07. Bury All Hope (2:07)
08. In The Name Of .. (4:46)
09. Twilight Hills (3:50)
10. Final Age Of Heroism (4:18)
11. Eternal Peace (5:33)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Creaming Jesus - Too Fat To Run, Too Stupid To Hide

Creaming Jesus started out as a UK Goth-Rock band, who, believe it or not, were the first band there to mix thrash metal guitars with the Goth genre, blurring the lines between the two styles. All members draw on their diverse musical influences and tastes to create a disturbing musical hybrid.

Год: 1990
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Jungle Records

01. Preacher (3:35)
02. Eggy Rare (2:38)
03. Casserole (3:35)
04. Neighbours (2:34)
05. Smoke (Skin Up For Jesus) (2:07)
06. Russell (2:31)
07. Bloody Collar (3:22)
08. Hate You (3:09)
09. Filthy Pervert Meets The Listening Nun (1:33)
10. Charlie (3:05)
11. Too Fat To Run, Too Stupid To Hide (2:43)
12. Charlie Jumps The Bandwagon (3:58)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Creaming Jesus - Guilt By Association

Creaming Jesus' songs provide a social commentary (albeit tongue in cheek) on various hot topics... sexual and racial harassment, exploitation of animals, the destruction of the planet, and the general collapse of humanity, etc. in an intense, explosive style.
btw, if you're one of those Buffy The Vampire Slayer freaks (like me) you'll recognize the song "Reptile" instantly! ☺

Год: 1992
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Jungle Records

01. Reptile (3:48)
02. Squat (2:19)
03. Stray Toasters (2:51)
04. Legacy (Tales #2) (2:37)
05. The Skinny Head Fuck (2:56)
06. Hooves.... (3:16)
07. Forget It (3:15)
08. Hackney (Suffer Little Children) (3:23)
09. Song For Ari (2:14)
10. Bathtime For Jim (Kick Down The Doors) (2:24)
11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2:11)
12. Lillies (3:32)
13. Skinny Head (2:35)
14. I Lost My Faith (5:29)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Creaming Jesus - Chaos for the Converted

Third full-length from these nut-cases.

Год: 1994
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Jungle Records

01. Shape Shifting And Face Dancing (5:34)
02. Lighten Up (3:09)
03. Blind (3:02)
04. Celebrity Cannabilism [The Painted Man] (5:55)
05. Hamburg (3:21)
06. Trancendental Maggot [Olympia's Story] (3:01)
07. River Techa (2:49)
08. Dis-Ease (4:15)
09. Quiet (2:25)
10. Roadman / Synaethesia (10:02)
11. Geggy Moon (Window Fighter) (5:43)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Vicious Pink - Vicious Pink

Vicious Pink were a synthpop band, formed in the UK in 1981 and active until 1986. With a catchy sound and a penchant for highly provocative and sexualized lyrics, the band aimed for success amongst clubs rather than commercially successful hits.

Год: 1986
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Capitol (Canada)

01. Cccan't You See (3:25)
02. Spooky (3:17)
03. The Spaceship Is Over There (4:19)
04. Blue [Love mix] (3:17)
05. Fetish (3:18)
06. Take Me Now (3:58)
07. Always Hoping (3:54)
08. 8:15 To Nowhere / Great Balls of Fire (4:51)
09. Cccan't You See [Exxx-tended re-mixxx] (6:00)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Cruelty Campaign - Distressed Signals

Los Angeles-based Cruelty Campaign utilizes site recordings, found sounds, and bits of dialogue to create musical atmospheres and harsh soundscapes that are both beautiful and unnerving. CC's diverse pallette draws upon the overlooked and the extraordinary ... the creaking of docks in Stockholm, a domestic argument in Berlin, the clattering of an escalator, and even the humming and clicking of Roger "Cold Meat Industry" Karmanik's refrigerator. Driven to preserve and propogate these fleeting sonic moments, the band weaves these sounds together in reverential homage.

Год: 2002
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Tesco Organisation (Germany)

01. Arrival (4:44)
02. Scanner Darkly (7:15)
03. The Arguement (7:00)
04. Distressed Signals (4:18)
05. Voice Of World Control (5:00)
06. Sound #5 / Spin Cycle (6:54)
07. Vaht Guya (4:43)
08. Colder Death Now (8:34)
09. Misty (6:46)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Tragediens Trone - The Cold Depths of Solitude

Depressive black metal from Norway!

Год: 2007
Страна: Norway
Лейбл: Nekk Brekk Records

01. A Shattered Reflection (5:59)
02. The Cold Depths of Solitude (6:09)
03. Trough the Fields to the End (7:39)
04. The Shores of a Withering Dream part 1 (5:24)
05. Scornful Swarm (4:04)
06. Parasite Paradise (10:04)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Behexen - My Soul For His Glory

Sick black metal from these Finnish hordes!

Год: 2008
Страна: Finalnd
Лейбл: Hammer Of Hate

01. Let the Horror and Chaos Come (6:40)
02. Born in the Serpent of the Abyss (4:37)
03. Demonic Fleshtemple (4:46)
04. O.O.O. (3:17)
05. Cathedral of the Ultimate Void (5:02)
06. My Soul For His Glory (5:52)
07. And All Believers Shall Be Damned (3:15)
08. My Stigmas Bleeding Black (5:18)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ VA.\Deathchant - The Rehydration of Violence

This is the first 2x12'' from infamous UK Hardcore/Gabber label, Deathchant, run by DJ Hellfish. If you know Hellfish then you know his style stands for quality music. Which is also the standard for Deathchant. Lots of top producers have made releases on this label. The style of this label ranges from hardcore with lots of hip-hop influences to the dark and pounding UK hardcore. Must have for people into the UK hardcore sound !

Год: 1998
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Deathchant

01. Technological Terror Crew: Polaris [remix by Diplomat & Beagle] (6:44)
02. Technological Terror Crew: Who Da Fuck Are You [remix by Dolphin & DJ Tox] (6:28)
03. Diplomat: Running Man [The Butcher of Bakersfield Special Edition by Hellfish & Skeeta] (8:26)
04. Hellfish, Smarti & Diplomat: Eastcoast Killer (4:47)
05. Hellfish: Techno City [remix by Diplomat] (5:57)
06. Hellfish: Live at Sk*lter 97 (6:23)
07. DJ Scorpio & Wargroover: Psychotic Breakz (6:49)
08. The DJ Producer: The DJ Producer Takes Deathchant to the Butchers (6:29)

Скачать: HERE
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☼ Krępulec / Outofsight - Furious Friends + Krępulec - s/t

Fans of these genres of music will automatically know what to expect from both of these artists. Their music is one born out of passion and love for their country. A patriotism hewn from a stubborn resistance not to be overpowered at whatever the cost. Through all of the tracks you feel this pumping heart of a nation defiant against all odds. Every drop of blood spilt in the battlefields and in the towns and cities to be remembered and avenged. Intense and stirring you are drawn deeply into these pieces of breathtaking music and come away from the experience emotionally drained.

Год: 2006 / 2003
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: Beast Of Prey

☼ Krępulec / Outofsight - Furious Friends

This joint release by Krępulec & Outofsight serves up 33 minutes of music that delves into the history of those harsh times by relating tales about the people, some weak in spirit whilst others strong, who lived in those devastating times. Limited edition of 222 pieces.

01. Krępulec: Independent Song (2:46)
02. Krępulec: Lost Dream (5:04)
03. Krępulec: Dark Creature (5:31)
04. Krępulec: 1996/Halter 2 [Outofsight remix] (4:18)
05. Outofsight : Maciek (6:22)
06. Outofsight : Colonel's Fear (5:19)
07. Outofsight : Peacks (4:03)

☼ Krępulec - Krępulec

Just thought I'd toss this in as a bonus. Limited edition of 100 pieces.

01. I (4:49)
02. II (4:27)
03. III (6:23)
04. IV (9:08)
05. V (2:50)
06. VI (5:23)

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☼ Babylon Whores - Death of the West

Having survived sleet, plague, locusts and other disasters of biblical proportions, Babylon Whores had decided to put things on hold after the release of this third album. But, to this day, they say with great certainty, "We are NOT broken up!"
Let's hope for humanity's sake that 2008 is the return of the Whores! Apocalyptic Helsinki Death'n'Roll must return!

Год: 2002
Страна: Finland
Лейбл: Spinefarm Records

01. Life Fades Away (4:23)
02. Hell Abloom (5:41)
03. Mother Of Serpents (7:24)
04. Lucibel [The Good Spirits of Europe] (5:36)
05. Dating With Witchcraft (4:29)
06. Death In Prague (6:24)
07. A Pale Horse Against Time (6:37)
08. Eveningland (4:05)

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☼ Babylon Whores - King Fear

Imagine melding Black Sabbath with Bauhaus, (with some Trouble and Entombed tossed in) and you might be able to understand the sound of Babylon Whores. The dark sarcasm of their lyrics could be described as the unearthed writings of a human society gone to hell in a hand-basket, asking "what the hell did we do wrong? where did we all get lost?" mirroring the world through western occult and philosophic traditions and spitting venom over all our misconceptions of the ways of the world and the sheer blindness of it's inhabitants.
This release is their best and my personal favorite. Never heard of em before? GET THIS!

Год: 1999
Страна: Finland
Лейбл: Necropolis Records

01. Errata Stigmata (3:34)
02. Radio Werewolf (3:54)
03. Hand Of Glory (3:24)
04. Veritas (4:59)
05. Skeleton Farm (3:45)
06. To Behold The Suns Below (5:33)
07. Exit Eden (4:33)
08. Sol Niger (3:57)
09. Fey (4:36)
10. King Fear: Song For The Damned (5:22)

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☼ Babylon Whores - Deggael + Errata Stigmata

Deggael is a 30 minute mini-album, and Errata Stigmata is a remixed maxi single.

Год: 1998 / 1999
Страна: Finland
Лейбл: Spinefarm Records / Necropolis Records

☼ Babylon Whores - Deggael

01. Dog Star α (0:33)
02. Sol Niger (3:56)
03. Somniferum (4:05)
04. Omega Therion (3:55)
05. Emerald Green (3:42)
06. Deggael: A Rat's God (4:45)

☼ Babylon Whores - Errata Stigmata

01. Errata Stigmata (3:33)
02. Fey [version] (4:53)
03. Errata Stigmata [St. Vitus Dance mix] (4:54)

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☼ Babylon Whores - Cold Heaven

Formed in 1994, the Helsinki Death Rock cult legends Babylon Whores have steadily grown up to something frighteningly big and certainly something you just can not ignore. Well then, is it metal? Not quite. Is it rock? Not quite. Their venomous output is all piss-dirty, crunching guitars and Elvis-from-Hell vocals, musically diverse yet boasting a frightening integrity all of its own. Fans of Samhain/Danzig (not expecting a Glenn vocal clone, cuz he ain't) might be interested in checking these guys out.
This is their first full-length album.

Год: 1997
Страна: Finland
Лейбл: Misanthrophy Records

01. Deviltry (3:38)
02. Omega Therion (3:57)
03. Beyond the Sun (4:35)
04. Metatron (3:04)
05. Enchiridion for a Common Man (3:45)
06. In Arcadia Ego (4:07)
07. Babylon Astronaut (4:11)
08. Flesh of the Swine (5:13)
09. Cold Heaven (3:50)

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☼ Beanfield - Beanfield

Beanfield is a trio of German musician/producers allied with the excellent groove label Compost Recordings. The group formed around keyboard player Tobias Meggle and bassist Jan Krause (formerly with the acid jazz unit Poets of Rhythm), along with Compost label boss Michael Reinboth in Munich. Their sound is sort of updated jazz and funk put to modern electronica. This release is heavily compromised with commercial music of the 1970s, whether bubblegum (Keep On Believing) or disco (Elektro-Kraut), but the packaging is ultra-modern, whether ambient (Planetary Deadlock) or trip-hop (Do You Know The Truth, Charles). Reinboth's heart may be in jazz fusion (Green Angel, Freund Clone), but his subconscious is still entangled in the genres of his childhood.

Год: 1996
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Compost Records

01. Planetary Deadlock (5:42)
02. Elektro-Kraut (6:01)
03. Did You Know (The Truth)? (5:59)
04. Keep On Believing (6:24)
05. Green Angel (4:56)
06. Code Of Confidence (5:52)
07. Paradise (1:56)
08. Freund Clone (5:37)
09. Breeze (4:54)
10. Effet (6:59)
11. To Be Alienated (2:37)
12. Charles (6:21)

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☼ Markant (aka. Carsten Endrass) - Cat M-08

Hmmm... OK. I guess it's time for more Markant.
Again, this was limited to 200 pieces.

Год: 1998
Страна: Bavaria
Лейбл: Markant Records

01. Untitled 1 (11:41)
02. Untitled 2 (8:51)
03. Untitled 3 (7:38)
04. Untitled 4 (6:06)
05. Untitled 5 (7:03)

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☼ Zos Kia - Be Like Me / Rape

I'm not even going to try to pretend that I'm the first person to put Zos Kia on their blog... but there's a chance some youngin, just discovering this sort of music, stumbles upon mine and wants to preview some Zos Kia. Ya never know. ☺
Zos Kia was initially formed by John "Zoskia" Gosling along with John Balance and Min. This trio, along with Peter Christopherson on sound and other guests, recorded and performed several concerts in 1982/83 under the names Zos Kia and Coil, and some of this material is available on the Transparent release.
In 1983, Balance and Christopherson left to concentrate on Coil full-time. All material released under the Zos Kia name alone was primarily the work of John Gosling. After retiring the Zos Kia name, Gosling went on to record with Sugardog, Psychic TV and work solo as Sugar J and Mekon.

Год: 1984
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Temple Records / All The Madmen Records

☼ Zos Kia - Be Like Me

01. Be Like Me (8:45)
02. Ten Miles High (2:48)

☼ Zos Kia - Rape

01. An Absolute (4:09)
02. Black Action (3:15)
03. Rape (4:51)
04. Thank You (6:18)

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☼ Baroque Bordello - 83-86 + Regards Ltd.Ed.

The French coldwave / new wave scene in the '80s was very popular, and many French bands got recognition all over the world. Baroque Bordello is one of those bands. Even Lol Tholurst of The Cure took notice, and produced one of their singles. Some 20 years later, here's a re-release of material from '83 to '86 in a double disc boxed set. Everything has been remastered from the band’s discography, including several unreleased and rare live/demo tracks. 16 songs in total.
This double disc set was limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 1983-1986 (2004)
Страна: France
Лейбл: Infrastition

〜 Today 〜
1-01. Today (3:12)
1-02. From Your Eyes (3:12)
1-03. Les Algues (4:57)
〜 Via 〜
1-04. Voyageur (3:23)
1-05. Mary Chinese (3:25)
1-06. L'Autre (3:54)
1-07. Baby Doll (3:42)
1-08. I And I (3:45)
1-09. Comme Toujours (2:59)
1-10. Squares (Join The Room) (4:45)
〜 Paranoïac Songs 〜
1-11. They Did It (4:08)
1-12. No Killer No Hunter (3:15)
1-13. This Side Of You (3:13)
1-14. Ballade (4:43)
1-15. Helga (3:44)
1-16. Breaking The Ice (3:53)
1-17. Landscape (3:55)
1-18. Obviously (3:22)
1-19. Hate (4:26)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Baroque Bordello - Regards - Limited Edition

2-01. Corrida (Demo. Mars 1983) (4:45)
2-02. Distances (Demo. Avril 1984) (2:58)
2-03. This Side Of You (Genève. 15 Octobre 1986) (3:52)
2-04. Voyageur (Genève. 15 Octobre 1986) (4:09)
2-05. Subir (Demo. 1982) (4:24)
2-06. Les Algues (Demo. 1983) (6:04)
2-07. Les Jouets (Châtenay-Malabris. 14 Avril 1983) (5:26)
2-08. Pass By (Demo. 1983) (2:21)
2-09. Put It Down (Demo. Avril 1984) (3:48)
2-10. La Passion (Fête FO. 9 Octobre 1982) (2:39)
2-11. Je M'Envole (Demo. Avril 1984) (5:47)
2-12. Au-Dessous Du Volcan (Demo. 1984) (4:17)
2-13. Insensées (Demo. Avril 1984) (3:32)
2-14. L'Envie D'En Finir (Demo. 1982) (4:02)
2-15. Sending My Voice (Demo. Avril 1984) (3:26)
2-16. Regards (Fête F.O. 9 Octobre 1982) (3:26)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2 -and- HERE 3
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☼ Stalnoy Pakt / Anthesteria - Guerra: Sola Igiene Del Mondo 〜 Dedicated to the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905

This split release is a commemoration of one of the most tragic pages of Russian history in the XXth century – the Russo-Japanese War. This lost war became a deep scar in a national consciousness of that period and turned out to be among the most painful and powerful incentives to the following first Russian revolution (1905) and further eventual decline of the Russian monarchy. This release is a try to revive the deep anxiety and the premonition of the upcoming relentless social shock which have overwhelmed the Russian nation in those times. Stalnoy Pakt presents maybe their most melodic tracks to date here, the distinctive band’s multi-layered dark ambient is melted with old military Japanese song samples and old Russian lyrics narrations, sometimes adorned with piano chords or martial drums. Anthesteria’s cold gloomy tunes combined with choir chants and gramophone record samples aggravate the atmosphere of the dull waiting for the imminent disaster. The album is concluded with authentic historical recording of the classic track of the period called “Na Sopkakh Manchzhurii” performed by a very famous singer of that time Mikhail Vavich. This funeral waltz dedicated to the victims of this war drives the overall feel of despair and grief up to the highest limit. The album could be compared to the best examples of history inspired works such as LJDLP early releases, but with its own very special purely Russian depressive mood. An absolute must! Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2007
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: Der Angriff

01. Stalnoy Pakt: No Sopkakh Manchzhurii (12:14)
02. Stalnoy Pakt: V Ogne (4:18)
03. Stalnoy Pakt: Warjag (10:52)
04. Stalnoy Pakt: Tsushima (4:43)
05. Anthesteria: Vsevolod Rudnev (4:23)
06. Anthesteria: Fourth Storm (7:15)
07. Anthesteria: Togo Heikachiro (5:27)
08. Anthesteria: Gunka-Kalinka (7:32)
09. Mikhail Vavich: Na Sopkakh Manchzhurii [A Military Waltz] (3:30)

= was recorded in 1910

Скачать: HERE -and- HERE
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☼ Specimen - Azoic (1983-1985)

One of the first and most important bands in the Goth scene, Specimen were born in early 1981 in Bristol. They moved to London, recruited drummer Jonathan in '82 and started the scene defining club, The Batcave, in Soho in July 1982.
The Batcave era spawned so many unique bands, and Specimen were one of them. Probably the most tuneful of the Batcave bands, Specimen comes on like a combination of at least four Bowie albums -- the glam 'Aladdin Sane,' the dark 'Diamond Dogs,' the funky 'Station to Station' and the edgy 'Heroes.' If you like Bowie, you'll probably love Specimen.

Год: 1983-1985 / 1997
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Jungle

01. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (12") (4:53)
02. Tell Tail (3:47)
03. Beauty Of Poisin (12") (4:15)
04. Hex (12") (6:20)
05. Returning From A Journey (12") (5:40)
06. Syria (3:19)
07. Dead Man's Autochop (3:57)
08. Stand Up Stand Out (3:21)
09. Holes (4:41)
10. Lovers (3:04)
11. Sharp Teeth Pretty Teeth (12") (5:10)
12. Wolverines (Live) (6:41)
13. Azoic (Live) (4:07)

=Previously unreleased version. (The version on the Gothic Rock comp is different.)
= Previously unreleased live tracks recorded at Larry's in Toronto, Canada 1983.

Скачать: HERE -and- HERE
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