April 19, 2010

☼ H.K. Opiat / Illimarneq - Split

Here's another crazy limited release by Kristian Olsson -- this time as H.K. Opiat. Similar ambient-noise as the previous post, but even less noise and more dark atmospheric drones and ambient soundscapes. When it does get noisy, it's by way of guitar hammering. Don't get me wrong though, it's still classic Kristian Olsson, but if you're looking for Survival Unit / Alfarmania style, you won't find it here!
Illimarneq, a project by Mikael Winroth, (also from Sundsvall) was a study in "the soundscapes of spiritual value." A two-way communication with the listener and a stage of hypnosis; a spiritual ally which unites the listener, the reality and the unreality. The mediation of feelings takes place in an ambient soundscape with a balance of vox amissa and vox prolata (lost tones and sung tones). Tones should be our spiritual helpers with whom we communicate; all the while we are retaining control over our own consciousness. This through essence, energy and emotion - that is the very definition of Illimarneq.
Limited to 60 pieces.

Год: 2002
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Krimljud

01. H.K. Opiat: Ensam Mot Alla (23:22)
02. Illimarneq: Fourth Force (3:55)
03. Illimarneq: Hsing-I [Mind-Boxing] (6:57)
04. Illimarneq: The Trepan (5:17)
05. Illimarneq: Walking Pushing Hands (7:39)
06. H.K. Opiat: Remixes Illimarneq (3:35)
07. Illimarneq: Remixes H.K. Opiat (3:45)

Скачать (256K):(fixed)


viajero said...

Thank you men for the great music and for your dedication!!!
I enjoy this music.
excelent blog.

Sweet Dee said...

Could you please up Death Squad - Theological Genocide?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could repost your Gruntsplatter post from the OG blog?