February 16, 2010

☼ Zero Kama - Live 1985-09-13 NL-Centrum, Amsterdam

Early ritual industrial project of Michael DeWitt. (Nekrophile Records) Zero Kama did only two performances, one in Amsterdam and one in Arnheim. The Arnheim one is available on CD from Arsregia, and the Amsterdam one is below.
For studio recordings, ZK used solely human bones and skulls to create their music, but in concert was quite different, as they also used acoustic instruments, bass and guitars.

Год: 1985
Страна: Austria
Лейбл: n/a

01. (12:17)
02. (6:30)
03. (8:21)
04. (4:25)
05. (8:45)
06. (5:28)
07. (12:22)
08. (6:33)
09. (4:56)
10. (2:49)
11. (0:07)

Скачать: HERE


El Topo said...

I'm searching:
konstruktivists: flowmotion years 1980-1982
and early solo works from Glen Michael Wallis.
If anyone could help me...
Thanks in advance.
El Topo

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear some of those studio recordings. Have any you want to share, Minx?

Justin Marc Lloyd said...

Sensible Nectar discography, free download! Feel free to post anything. Ambient/drone/noise/power electronics.


Anonymous said...

there is no recording of the amsterdam gig in existence.the one published on arsregia is the arnhem gig -only available by personal investments and engagements of my own.michael dewitt did not own a recording good enough to be published -as he told me.the one from arsregia is a copy from the -master- in possession of the original owner of the club -who was awake enough to cut the performance on tape.