February 12, 2010

☼ Venus In Furs - 1983·1998 Collection [March 2009 re-post]

Even though you could find all of these elsewhere, this was a special request from 'Lucy Fur' so here they are... Enjoy!

Venus In Furs was a highly acclaimed outfit originally based in Sussex, that were formed around the multifarious talents of Times: composer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist. Early on VIF was as a four-piece before re-forming in 1984 as a duo: Times and Skot Lucy, who produced 2 albums, after which Times went on mainly working as a solo artist under the VIF banner, and producing other works of varied and challenging music.

Год: 1983 - 1998
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Movement Records / Backs Records

01). Extended Play 7''EP (1983)
02). Platonic Love LP (1984)
03). Strip LP (1985)
04). Real Moral Fibre LP (1986)
05). Almost 12''EP (1988)
06). Megalomania LP (1989)
07). The Speed Of A Pun LP (1990)
08). Womberang CD (1996)
09). Soft Life CD (1998)

Скачать: ALL 9 RELEASES = PT.1 PT.2 PT.3


Anonymous said...

I just discovered that they grew better in songwriting which is so damn rare. Was not too found of more than two tracks from their first album. Now while listening to Real Moral Fibre I am amazed at its quality. And the atmospheric track Mishima's Sepukko, isn't it a piece of pure genius? Now I was looking for more and am so glad to find it all here, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

The links are dead noooooo!!!!

raleva said...

Can you please uload the music of Venus In Furs again?