February 09, 2010

☼ VA.\Rē Records Quarterly Vol.1 No.1 - A Chris Cutler Compilation

Formed in 1978 by ex-pat Chris Cutler with Nick Hobbs under the name Rē Records, the label was created"as a musical intervention - to bring into the UK a whole range of records by groups & musicians whom we thought excellent & yet who were completely unknown here. Then - as now - we were only concerned with the quality of the music; & epiphenomenally with supporting independents - for many of the most interesting groups could only make their work available by pressing & manufacturing themselves. This remains the case. We are not ever concerned with commercial viability, only with distributing the music we feel close to." By forming distribution networks, and by exemplifying a pattern for similarly inclined musical ventures, a set of affiliated labels emerged, representing a large cross section of experimental, unusual and innnovative music throughout the world. While most of the labels were fully distinct operations, they shared a common musical ethic and an accommodating attitude, yielding excellent music for both the listener and the musician.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 1985
Страна: International
Лейбл: Rē Records

01. Steve Moore: The Threshold Of Liberty (8:59)
02. Lars Hollmer: Experiment (1:15)
03. Lindsay Cooper / Chris Cutler: Education (3:30)
04. 5UU'S: Compromisation (2:37)
05. Joseph Racaille: Dans Les Yeux Bleues (1:11)
06. The Lowest Note: Naiwabi (2:25)
07. Adrian Mitchell: Sorry 'Bout That (2:04)
08. Kalahari Surfers: Prayer For Civilisation (5:01)
09. Mission Impossible: Indefinite (3:27)
10. Adrian Mitchell: Song In Space (0:19)
11. Stefano Delu: Pensa Un Numero (2:25)
12. Mikolas Chadima: A Walk Around The Brewery (6:23)
13. Adrian Mitchell: Saw It In The Papers (3:17)

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