February 10, 2010

☼ VA.\Monstrueux & Magnifiques LP [w/I.A.V., Silent Signals, Anti Trust, Perverse Teens, Count Tickula, Krom-Y, Le Syndicat Electronique]

Here's a comp of minimal wave experimental electro from label, Invasion Planète Recordings. Founded in Toulouse (south of France) in 1998 by Le Syndicat Electronique member, and originator of the European Third Wave (used to describe the manifesto and basis of the current 'retro-garde' obscure minimal electronics 'come back') by using the insurance proceeds resulting from a car accident.
This release was limited to 624 pieces.

Год: 2003
Страна: Int'l
Лейбл: Invasion Planète Recordings

01. In Aeternam Vale: Base 1 [1983] (1:33)
02. Silent Signals: Hate You xxx (4:16)
03. Anti Trust: Chagrin (4:10)
04. Perverse Teens: Teen Lust (4:23)
05. Count Tickul: Creepy Smile Of Self-Satisfaction (2:49)
06. Krom-Y: Garçons Dans Le Brouillard (3:08)
07. Perverse Teens: Numéro Zéro (3:45)
08. In Aeternam Vale: Le Maître Du Monde [1985] (4:41)
09. Le Syndicat Electronique: Entrevue Misanthropique (3:15)
10. Anti Trust: Brennendes Land (3:55)

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would you please reup this one is down. and mybe you have the actor s covergirl ep from 2005