February 12, 2010

☼ VA.\May The Plague Be With You... [March 2009 re-post]

Anonymous ambient release, originally hand-numbered, subscription-only edition of 69 pieces. Each unit came with a unique X-ray (insert) of a contaminated lung. The duration of the tracks refers to the number 23 and its various interpretations in both numerology and religion. The names of artists are kept confidential due to possible rights-issues. There was also a reissue of 96 deluxe silk-screened CDRs, which were housed in a matt graphite ejector-case, but is now also deleted.
This digital download is courtesy of Plague Recordings, so be sure to check out their other releases!

Год: ????
Страна: ????
Лейбл: Plague Recordings

01. Anonymous: Black Box Warning I (23:00)
02. Anonymous: Black Box Warning II (23:00)
03. Anonymous: Black Box Warning III (23:00)

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