February 12, 2010

☼ VA.\Le Mal Dominant: Industrial Music For Black Masses

Nice lengthy compilation filled with black ambient, doom drone, noir martial, death industrial, dark electronics, and unnerving power-noise.
Limited to 100 pieces.

Год: 2007
Страна: Int'l
Лейбл: Bone Structure

1-01. OKK-ULTh: Prepare For The Final Awakening (7:34)
1-02. Grauen Pestanz: Quadrivium Ardens (6:52)
1-03. Wolf Lust: The Dead Rise (7:19)
1-04. Nitrous Flesh: The Outer Darkness (5:56)
1-05. Mrok: Inherit The God's Soul (4:42)
1-06. Aymrev Erkroz Prevre: Pre Vision Of 100.1100.110 (3:08)
1-07. Nimheil: Babalon 666 (7:34)
1-08. Cerberus: Voidchoir (5:27)
1-09. Habeeb: The Banquet Of Satan And His Faithful Followers (7:14)
1-10. Roto Visage: Fears Hollow Frail (6:52)
1-11. Blasthornoxx: Futile Passing (9:59)
2-01. Black Seas Of Infinity: Of Worship Beyond Death (6:42)
2-02. Misanthropic Hallucinations: Chapter II (6:19)
2-03. Melek-Tha: Dominate The Earth (11:00)
2-04. Breath Of Chaos: Unleying Doom (5:53)
2-05. Murderous Vision: The Serpent Approaches (5:54)
2-06. Church Ov Melkarth: A Gift For Darkness (7:04)
2-07. Dapnom: Post Mortem (3:31)
2-08. Scapegoat: Ashes Of Blood (9:10)
2-09. Monarkh: Le Pouvoir Du Mal (4:12)
2-10. Agaliarepth: Daemones Adveniant In Terra (10:59)
3-01. Maleux: Clandestine Transcendence (9:11)
3-02. Toxicum Aestus: Deadpulse (8:01)
3-03. Fist Fucking Armageddon: Latnem Noitarcesed (6:28)
3-04. Blakr: The Unleashing (8:16)
3-05. St. Kürten: Breathing Is The Enemy (4:57)
3-06. Pulsefear: Mass Of The Kalifoth (9:32)

Скачать: PT.1┼ PT.2


Anonymous said...

Part 2 isn't working.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

you need to try again, because i just d/l'ed both parts and joined them perfectly using UnRarX for Mac OS X.
if you use a Mac, use that app. if you are on a PC then you need to use UnRar for Windows. you need to have both part 1 & part 2 in the same folder and only click part 1 (or drag par t1 onto the UnRar app's icon) and it will automatically join part 2 when it unpacks.
you also might beed to re-download part 2 if there was a hiccup in the downstream.

the problem is definitely on your end… i assure you, THIS WORKS PERFECTLY! :)

good luck,