February 13, 2010

☼ VA.\Freak Animal Records : Free Promo Sampler - Power Electronics / Industrial Noise

This is not (an) official release under (the) FA catalogue. This is merely (a) promo/sampler CDR that collects songs from various LP/CD/7'' releases on Freak Animal. It is not promoting simply new items released in recent times, but releases that are currently available from (the) label. To get full releases, visit (the) mailorder list at: www.cfprod.com/fa/

Год: 2009
Страна: International
Лейбл: Freak Animal (Finland)

01. Pain Nail: edit from "Hengellisia Lauluja" 7'' (5:08)
02. Cloama: from "Death Certificate" 7'' (3:28)
03. Martin Bladh: from "Dirge : Peter Sotos Files" CD (6:54)
04. Grunt: from "Documentations" 3xCD box (3:57)
05. Bizarre Uproar: edit from "V/A Hated Perversions" CD (4:41)
06. Yao 91404 D: edit from "LenShunZavod" CD (5:08)
07. Nicole 12: from "V/A Hated Perversions" CD (4:57)
08. Mania: from "Ultra-Negative" CD (3:36)
09. Gelsomina: edit from Gelsomina/Bizarre Uproar "Assisted Self Sterilization" split CD (5:28)
10. Brethren: from "Kingdom Coming" 7'' (2:09)
11. Brethren: from "Savage Inequalities" CD (4:53)
12. Squamata: edit from Squamata/Gelsomina "Junkyard Behemoth" split CD (4:16)
13. Sickness: edit from "Ruiner" LP (5:35)

Скачать (320K w/SCANS): RS-or- MEGA

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