February 12, 2010

☼ VA.\Desolation House [w/Gruntsplatter, Bastard Noise + Christian Renou, Troum, Angel Of Decay, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, Rise Of Because +more]

The clock strikes twelve on the diversely influential Desolation House label. This compilation collects 11 exclusive tracks, 1 from each of the album sessions in the label's catalog, into a masterful compilation of Musique Concrete spanning the sound spectrum from dark ambient, to true industrial music in several forms. As with all Desolation House releases this is a one-time pressing. Limited to 1,000 pieces.

Год: 2009
Страна: Int'l
Лейбл: Desolation House

1-01. Subterranean Source: A Sense Of Doubt (8:03)
1-02. Gruntsplatter: Crawling Into The Light (6:33)
1-03. Bastard Noise / Christian Renou: Let Education Begin Pt. 2 (15:54)
1-04. Troum: Drupipa (5:29)
1-05. Amazing Grace: Cigarettes (6:51)
1-06. Wäldchengarten: Silent Treatment (6:41)
2-01. Angel Of Decay: Told To Answer Mentally (17:29)
2-02. Japanese Torture Comedy Hour: Noise Shit Returning To Ass Pt.2 [Pain Jerk remix] (3:54)
2-03. Keplers Odd: 060501.2 (8:29)
2-04. Rise Of Because: Watchman (9:42)
2-05. Subterranean Source: Lost Areas (8:18)

Скачать (320K): D1+D2