February 12, 2010

☼ VA.\Compositions In D. Minor: An Anti-Tribute To Diane Minor [J. Allen Williams / Trance / Persona Non Grata / Crawl Unit / Illusion Of Safety]

The liner notes say it all...
This single-sided LP is an "anti-tribute" to country & western singer Diane Minor... well, we say 'anti-tribute' but those familiar with the genius of Diane Minor know what we really mean. For the benefit of the unschooled, we'll try and sum up Diane's career in one word: Unprecedented! With the expert production team of Henry and brother Larry Strzleeki, Diane created a sound not always of her own songs, but a sound she sang in her own special way. A sound created independently of the country music factories which so often sacrifice art for the Industry. With her two albums, Diane broke free of the C&W scene of 1975-1976. Setting herself apart from the masses of would-be starlets, carving her own niche. It is this independent spirit that inspired us to try and recapture the "Feelings" of Diane's glory days. In fact, at the root of it, every sound on this here LP is Diane's, taken straight from the source, nurtured, cherished, transmuted. From the sad remembrance of "Mama Danced" to the feel-good friendship of "I've Got You", Diane said it all. So now it's time for us to say: Thanks Diane.

Год: 1994
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Gender-Less Kibbutz

01. J. Allen Williams: Willie V.2 (4:50)
02. Trance: Deconstruction In D. Minor (4:24)
03. Persona Non Grata: Grudge Not (4:46)
04. Crawl Unit: I've Got You... (4:42)
05. Illusion Of Safety: Nothing Promised He Delivers (6:01)

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