February 09, 2010

☼ VA.\Alchemy - Twinvision Video Soundtrack MC

"Dominic and Colleen gave me the soundtrack to release as a fundraiser for their video company. Despite being plugged by John Peel, they just weren't making the kind of money they needed. The video included a Chris and Cosey track, but this was pulled from the cassette release. Portion Control were a turn that supported Depeche Mode on their tour that year. SPK are in their Goth period. Mark Pauline is the famous San Francisco maker of self-destructing machine performances. The Rupenus Brothers are behind quite a few surreal records under different names, including the New Blockaders. The Andrew Hickenbotham track was a film of the Kray Twins' mother's funeral and I think the lad who did the soundtrack's now working as Funky Porcini. Test Dept are now very famous for their large scale metal-bashing performances at big arts festivals. Robert is a spoken word performer who was discovered in a hostel for homeless people. Die Tödliche Doris (Deadly Doris, to you anglophones) play a medley of Sex Pistols hits on an accordian as small toddlers enact the tragic tale of Sid and Nancy. The rest of them I know absolutely zilch about." -- Nigel Ayers (Sterile)
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 1983
Страна: International
Лейбл: Sterile Records (UK)

01. Portion Control: Shoot Your Enemy No. 1 (4:00)
02. SPK: The Transmutation of Metall (4:48)
03. Mark Pauline: A Cruel And Relentless Plot To Pervert The Flesh Of Beasts To Unholy Uses (5:26)
04. P & R Rupenus: Untitled (1:58)
05. Andrew Hickinbotham: Rites Of Passage (3:11)
06. Test Dept.: Efficiency (4:10)
07. Robert: Sharing (3:17)
08. Die Tödliche Doris: The Life And Times Of Sid Vicious (4:19)
09. Nocturnal Emissions: Even The Good Times Are Bad (4:38)
10. Art Core: Video Ambientazione (5:06)
11. Walter Gramming: Hammer And Sickle (2:48)
12. La Loora: Head (4:28)
13. Lustmord: Words Of Voice (1:47)

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