February 27, 2010

☼ Under The Noise - Of Generation And Corruption

If I didn't already know this was one band, I'd think it was a 4-way split between different artists. Sometimes ambient, sometimes aggro. Sometimes droning, sometimes pulsing. Sometimes fast and dance-y, sometimes slow and melodic... UTN takes ambient, punk, drone, trip-hop, industrial and sometimes even rap and melts them down, fusing them together and turning it into unique aggro-industrial ebm.

Год: 1995
Страна: UK
Лейбл: COP International

01. This World Desire (4:04)
02. Future Automatic (Corruption Mix) (5:50)
03. Vision In Long Darkness (7:21)
04. Sun (3:11)
05. The Mountain (4:07)
06. 13th Tribe (4:42)
07. Passing The Sceptre (5:37)
08. Driving Electric Magic (4:40)
09. Through The Inside (3:19)
10. Lie (3:52)
11. Void (5:33)
12. Circle Of The Eclipse (7:44)



Anonymous said...

great upload. one of many great coldwave-bands. thanks for that.
Also thanks for the Blue Eyed Christ-upload!
looking forward for next industrial releases.

John Renard said...

Seems to have gone dead.