February 10, 2010

☼ The Three Trials: Adventures In Psychotica 〜 Directed by Randy Greif

This is a film that doesn’t sit comfortably in any genre but one that very effectively pulls together elements from a variety of influences to create something that's both unique and very powerful.

Год: 2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Swinging Axe Productions

Catherine, a nun with a unique form of narcolepsy, attempts to lose herself in the worlds of religion, adolescent fantasy, and finally masochistic devotion to a man. Her husband accommodates her masochism with increasingly extreme and bizarre rituals.
The Three Trials incorporates surreal narrative, music video, and abstract imagery. The viewer is left to interpret what is real, what is a dream, and what is false narrative in this feverish, pitch-black comedy with a smorgasbord of sexual fetishes.
The soundtrack features musical artists from the dark ambient, industrial and avant-garde music world including: Nurse With Wound, SPK, Rapoon, Controlled Bleeding, Lustmord, Illusion Of Safety, Muslimgauze, Shadowbug 4, Skin Chamber, Nocturnal Emissions, The Colorblind James Experience, and Aesthetic Meat Front.

Скачать AVI: HERE 1 + HERE 2 + HERE 3 + HERE 4 + HERE 5

— if you likey, be sure to buy the DVD, which can be found at major online retailers, as you will not only be supporting the filmmaker, but you'll also get a much better quality picture, plus a load of extras, which include three very abstract short films: "A Fist Full of Stars," "Paraliminal 2," and "Paraliminal 3," all more or less adapted from footage from the main feature, as well as a reel of deleted scenes (the weirdest involving a screening of a vintage Popeye cartoon), and two different trailers.

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zach said...

You made my day! I snatched torrent yesterday but as it is here it would be much faster to download it. Thanks for great music & now movies.